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Don’t just drink local beer and wine- brew your own!

With each passing day, Ocean City and the surrounding area is gaining recognition for the proliferation of its local beer culture and its rapidly emerging brewery scene. With 5 breweries in Ocean City and nearly 20 now within a short drive of the resort town, there is no denying that craft beer is here to stay on the shore.

Complementing the multitude of local breweries, and helping drive the growth of craft beer culture, is a growing contingent of homebrewers who seek to create their own unique styles and flavors of beer. The interest in homebrewing around Delmarva is so prevalent, in fact, that not only is Ocean City Brewing Co. brewmaster Robb Dunne starting a local homebrewing club, but there are also two local businesses entirely dedicated to this sector of the craft beer movement: BrewsUp in Berlin, Md and Xtreme Brewing with 3 locations throughout Delaware.

Both BrewsUP and Xtreme Brewing offer a wide range of equipment, ingredients, and resources for beer and wine making. From starter systems and small parts to hops, grains and adjuncts to more commercial grade equipment for the serious homebrewers, BrewsUp and Xtreme Brewing can help you get started as a homebrewer, or take your wines and beers to the next level. Not only are these great products available in-store, but both have websites with online ordering capability to get you whatever you need wherever you are.

BrewsUp is the first place on Maryland’s Eastern Shore to offer brew on premise services.

When it comes to improving your homebrewing skills, not only do BrewsUp and Xtreme Brewing employ highly knowledgeable staffs, but also carry numerous books written by top experts, host weekly and monthly classes to teach new styles and techniques, and hold periodic fundraisers and other events to raise awareness about beer and/or benefit the local community.

In addition to its abundant beer and wine making resources, BrewsUp is proudly the first place on Maryland’s Eastern Shore to offer brew on premise services. This means you can plan, brew, and ferment your own beer or wine on site and come back to bottle and take home the finished product a few days or weeks later. This one-of-a-kind service is great for experimenting with homebrewing before investing time and money in your own operation, for group gatherings on special occasions, or for your company’s next team building event.

Xtreme Brewing carries coffee and tea brewing supplies in addition to beer and wine.

For Xtreme Brewing it doesn’t stop with beer and wine. Its stores also carry pretty much anything you could need for brewing tea and coffee, distilling your own spirits, and even supplies and ingredients for making your own cheese at home. Xtreme Brewing also hosts a weekly podcast, Beer with Strangers, with local beer author Tony Russo.

Whether you want to pick up the supplies you need to make your own beer and wine at home, the knowledge to take your homebrewing game to the next level, or want to have skilled instructors walk you and a group a friends through the brewing process,  a visit to either/or BrewsUp and Xtreme Brewing is an absolute must.

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