Mathias, Carozza would represent northern county well

Over the last several weeks, we have interviewed many of the candidates for local and state office and from those conversations, we have selected those who we think will best serve our communities and northern Worcester County.

In the General Assembly contests, the critical factor is who will be in the best position to deliver what the resort area needs, when it needs it.

Legislative District 38

State senator: Incumbent Democrat James Mathias. He has demonstrated his ability to work within the system to protect and provide for the needs of a district comprised of distinctly different constituencies: tourism, farming, commercial fishing and small business.

Further, he lives in Ocean City and is therefore well aware of what it, Berlin and Ocean Pines both want and require.

Delegate 38C: Republican Mary Beth Carozza. An Ocean City native, Carozza has expert knowledge of how governments work.

She has worked at both the federal and state levels, from the Department of Defense to Annapolis, where she was deputy chief of staff for the Gov. Bob Ehrlich. Obviously, she has connections at both levels.

Northern Worcester County

County Commissioner

• District 2: Diana Purnell of Berlin is the right choice to replace James Purnell, who is retiring.

• District 3: Incumbent Bud Church has represented his communities well for years and has earned their continued support.

• District 4: Incumbent Virgil Shockley also has represented his communities well, even though his district is the largest in total area.

• District 5: Chip Bertino. Bertino is the best choice to fill the seat to be vacated by the able Judy Boggs, who is retiring.

As the owner of an Ocean Pines newspaper that has covered county government, however, he has a clear conflict of interest and must exercise great caution not to use it for his own political purposes.

State’s Attorney

Beau Oglesby has proven over the past four years that he can do the job and deserves a second term in office.

Clerk of Court

Susan Braniecki, a long-time deputy clerk of court, is ready to step to the top job, which is being vacated by Steve Hales, who is retiring.

Board of Education

This board is responsible for one of the largest budgets in the county and the welfare of the county’s public school students.

We support incumbent and board President Bob Rothermel in District 7, Bob Hulburd in District 6 and Bill Gordy in District 4.

Orphan’s Court

• This is a probate court that validates wills and oversees the administration of estates.

Two of the three judges on the Orphan’s Court have been serving since 2006, with the senior judge, Bill Shockley, having served since 1986.  The other incumbents are Linda Hess, and Dale Smack.

Given their tenure on the court, we believe they should be returned to office.

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