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Man on ‘Breast Quest’ to raise funds for breast cancer research

(June 28, 2013) A Michigan man, merging his passions for skateboarding and the female figure into a 1,500-mile journey by skateboarding down the East Coast, reached Ocean City last weekend.

Twenty-eight-year-old Brian Zygmontowicz dubbed his journey “Ziggy’s Breast Quest,” a venture to raise money for breast cancer research while honing his skills on the skateboard.

He plan is to skate from Maine to mile zero in Key West, Fla.

“I just decided one day that I wanted to get extremely good at skateboarding,” Zygmontowicz said. “What better way to do it” than travel the coast on a skateboard.

As for the Breast Quest: “I have a fine appreciation for a women’s figure, especially the upper half,” Zygmontowicz said.

On May 8, he quit his job climbing cellphone towers in East Lansing, Mich., sold or donated most of his things and began hailing passersby for a ride from Michigan to Brunswick, Maine.

Four days and many miles of hitchhiking later, he arrived at the start of his trip.

At first, Zygmontowicz had to fend for himself, sleeping under bridges or hidden among the bustle of cities in some spots that were “less than ideal,” he said.

“It was hard to explain to people what I was doing,” he said, but as publicity for his Breast Quest has spread, more have been eager to lend him a dollar, meal or bed.

The trip has made meeting people easy, as he has no planned route and hasn’t used a map yet, relying on locals for information.

Now, Zygmontowicz is offered clothing and skate supplies from local businesses as he passes through towns.

“It’s actually starting to kick in that this is a really big deal,” he said.

During his stop in Ocean City last weekend, serendipitously aligned with the Dew Tour Beach Championships, which featured the best skateboarders and BMX riders in the world. Zygmontowicz stopped at Swirled World Skate Shop off Second Street.

He made the 500-plus-mile trip from Maine to Ocean City in just under a month and a half, approaching the one-third mark on his trip to Key West. Zygmontowicz, who started skateboarding at age 8 when he found a board at a garage sale, said the trip has “absolutely” made him a better skateboarder.

He plans to end his trip in Key West, but would continue skateboarding across the Gulf Coast if people keep donating to breast cancer research, he said.

He’s already planning to take a similar trip down the West Coast, he said.

Zygmontowicz ‘s friends have offered to buy him a ticket back to Michigan at his journey’s end.

His post-Breast Quest plans include a “really long nap” and making an Adirondack chair out of his host of worn skateboard decks.

Follow “ziggysbreastquest” on Instagram, friend Zygmontowicz on Facebook and watch a video about the venture by searching “Ziggys Breast Quest” in Vimeo.

Make donations in the name of “Ziggy’s Breast Quest” at the American Cancer Society Web site, www.donate.cancer.org.


Brian Zygmontowicz is skateboarding from Maine to Florida to raise money for breast cancer research. He was in Ocean City last weekend and posed in front of Swirled World Skateshop on the Boardwalk.

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