List of clubs on chopping block



Academic Team, Acts of Kindness, Art Club, Band, Color Guard, Jazz Combo, Orchestra, Connections, Decatur Lifesavers, Foreign Language Club, Future Educators of America, Hospitality Club, Interact Club, Key Club, Kids Against Animal Abuse and Testing, Legal Interns, Leo Club, Mentor Club, Relay for Life, Students Against Destructive Decisions, Chorus/Show Choir, Student Government Association, United as One, National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta (Math), National English Honor Society, Homework Tutorial, Math Help, Spanish Tutorial, S.A.T. Prep Courses, Seahawk Writing Center, Computer Science Club, Gaming Group, Investment Club, Hawkapellas, homecoming, graduation, prom, cheerleading (fall/winter), cross country, field hockey, football, golf, soccer (men’s and women’s), volleyball, basketball (men’s and women’s), indoor track, wrestling, swimming, baseball, softball, lacrosse (men’s and women’s), outdoor track, tennis (men’s and women’s), unified tennis, bocce ball.

The above-mentioned list of clubs, sports and organizations are sponsored, advised, coached and overseen by the teachers of Stephen Decatur High School.

With the exceptions of athletics – which coaches receive a mere pittance, and most have volunteer coaches as well – these programs are successful due to the time and effort our teachers donate/volunteer.

These clubs, sports and organizations operate after the school day and will cease to exist if the Worcester County Commissioners and the Board of Education of Worcester County do not come up with a responsible, reasonable and trustworthy plan to ensure that our teachers receive what is promised to them in their contract, cost of living allowance.

This is not a raise; this is simply a hike in their pay to counteract the effect of inflation. Our commissioners should be well versed in planning for these allowances as they propose their annual budget, yet year after year our teachers are left with excuses and blame as to why they are being denied what is rightfully and contractually theirs.

Scores of educators in Worcester County are disgusted, disappointed, angry and tired of giving and giving and giving, out of their pockets, out of their home life and out of their love to teach our children.  These programs at Stephen Decatur teach, nurture, guide, inspire, drive, protect, serve and create amazing students. Our teachers are prepared to teach to the school day and that is it!

I am urging you to contact your county commissioners and board of education, be a voice for the children, teachers and the future of the teachers of Worcester County.

County Commissioners contact information: Merrill Lockfaw, District 1, 443-614-4846. Diana Purnell, District 2, 443-783-3417. Bud Church, District 3, 410-524-7888. Ted Elder, District 4, 443-783-4265. Chip Bertino, District 5, 443-783-3248. Madison Bunting, District 6, 410-726-2494. Joe Mitrecic, District 7, 410-251-1716. Board of Education contact information: Bob Rothermel, District 7, Sara Thompson, District 3, Barry Brittingham, District 2, Jonathan Cook, District 5, Eric Cropper, District 6, Doug Dryden, District 1, William Gordy, District 4.

It’s time to take a stand.

Kim Holloway


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