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La Hacienda comes to Ocean Pines tonight

If you’re anything like me (and that’s not really a fate we’d wish on anyone) then you’re fresh back from a holiday minivacation and haven’t yet made it to the grocery store, which makes dinner plans a little sketchy at best. Perhaps instead you’re just clearing out the remaining leftovers and the holiday turkey is beginning to taste a bit like chalk.

Well, if you have no immediate plans for dinner near Ocean City have we got something for you. Ocean City 82nd Street favorite La Hacienda is opening their new Ocean Pines location at 4 p.m. tonight. It’s on the site of the former Village Inn near Ocean Pines’ South Gate, and will be open seven nights a week — still at 4 p.m. – and an hour earlier than the Ocean City restaurant.  
The new site offers plenty of space to spread out, can serve beer and liquor and is approved for live entertainment. The facility is huge, but the new La Hacienda is only taking up the bottom floor.
Opening a new restaurant now is a little counterintuitive for a beach resort area, economic conditions notwithstanding. But on the upside, the owner reports he expects to add a number of year-round jobs into the economy. More if the restaurant does well.
The conventional wisdom is to open closer to the start of the tourist season, at least in my experience which includes (almost) one restaurant opening, but the location in Ocean Pines gives the year-round residents of the Pines a couple of things. One, they have their own La Hacienda to call their own year round, and two, they don’t need to travel into Ocean City to get their fix anymore. Neither do the residents of communities like Bishopville, Pittsville and Berlin.
Those two factors seem to be enough to sustain the idea of the new location opening tonight. There certainly enough people in the Pines and even more people in surrounding areas who need Mexican food, so it’s a reasonable suspicion that this restaurant has a good chance.
The new location will have basically the same menu and outlook as the original Ocean City restaurant, which is good because the original has lasted for more than 30 years.
There are many restaurants in the Ocean City area that offer a variety of dining options. Some have come and gone but others like La Hacienda are still going strong after three decades of service. A new location and access to a population that is at least familiar with the brand, even at an interesting point in the calendar year just proves the commitment to service of this community.
Opening an hour earlier than is its custom at 4 p.m. from tonight onward also proves LA Hacienda knows who it’s dealing with. If you’re either short on food, tired of digging through the leftovers or just need some dinner plans, try out the new La Hacienda tonight.  

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  1. Great blog post Brian. We OP’ers are looking forward to having good Mexican here. The owner of the building has his eye clinic on the upper floor so I’m not sure that was ever an option for La Ha. However, the downstairs area is more than adequate in size, and in the summer they’ll be using the pier bar over the pond. Just be sure to bring plenty of Off!

  2. OK I thought I left that vague enough to mean "no new plans" for the top floor or an expansion of LaHa into the top floor so I just took the offending sentence out to the woodshed and had it flogged. It’s OK my sentences kind of enjoy it. 

  3. My wife and I went on Wednesday, the second night, and it was about 80% full at about 5:15 when we got there, and full when we left. I’m not sure of the capacity, but it’s a good sized place. I know that the newness will wear off through the winter, but I bet this place will be slammed in the summer. I hope that something finally succeeds in this location. It’s a nice location on the pond at the South Gate, visible from 589, and not far from the casino.


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