Kemp searching for yellow brick road, or Coastal Hwy.

Kemp searching for yellow brick road, or Coastal Hwy.

Irish Kemp

(Nov. 7, 2014) Oh yeah, this old broad is back, some what, that is!

Bear with me and somehow, I’ll find that yellow brick road. Whoops, I meant to say “Ocean Highway.” No doubt in my warped mind it will probably be a one way street. With the holiday season on the brink of full swing, Delmarva Irish American Club members should round up some friends and head for the Dunes Manor on 28th Street and Baltimore Ave. for the annual singalong on Thursday, Nov. 13 at 7 p.m. Not a member of the local club? Not to worry, you’ll be treated as tho’ you are. Perhaps it will inspire you to join in the fun and become a member. Happy hour prices will be available for this event.

New in town and wanna’ get around? Trust me folks, this is the way to go. Delmarva Irish American Club membership fees are a few bucks short of free, and guess what, you don’t have to be of Irish nationality to join.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bus service for seniors for these nighttime events? For a fee, of course. I know, I know, I’m really pushing.

Whoops I almost forgot. DIAC’s Christmas party at BJ’s on the Water on 75th Street will be Thursday, Dec. 4.  Get your reservation in as soon as possible. This is a very popular event. The cost is $40. They’ll knock $5 off the ticket price if you bring a toy. Be prepared for sticker shock if you’re out looking for a red wagon. Radio Flyers are running $100-plus. Would you believe the covered ones come with a wee air-conditioning unit for another $100. H’mm, maybe they’re referring to a real covered wagon. Of course it could be another figment of my imagination, but some of the stores are making seemingly fabulous offers. I was given a bag and told that I would get 30 percent off of all purchases. Without my glasses I wanted to believe that was on the marked down price, but the brain told me it was on the original list price. H’mmmm. “Moi, do the math? Go figure. I had an  “Oh no Mr. Bill” moment. No harm putting in a fashion update. Skinny ties are back big-time.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, I found a cardboard microwave to replace the stove. I swear I heard the old  stove breathe a loud sigh of relief. Chances of burning…kaput!

Around town I found Vince and Nadine Ryan, Gary and Martha, Del Leutner, Jim and Helen Geslois, Karl and Mary Mays, Bill and Ceil Clark, Duke and Mary Pantos and Gary and Ann Distler.

George and Joan Saur are taking a break from this active but somewhat hectic life that the local seniors enjoy  on Delmarva. Which reminds me Harpoon’s senior happy hour, 3-6 p.m. every Wednesday year-round makes for a great chance to meet folks who, or is that whom, enjoy meeting and socializing with their peers. Thanks again to Frank Hanna and son, Wes for keeping up this 20-plus year event.

I hope everyone took time out to vote. God bless America.



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