Kemp misses performing with OC Rockettes

Irish Kemp

(May 2, 2014) Even Mother Nature has her optical, confusional delusions.

What’s with the March winds in April? Lord only knows what is coming our way in May. Guess folks have already forgotten the 100-pound, 5-foot bunny that hung around in Caine Woods during the Easter holidays.  Rumors are that it’s the same rabbit that the OC’s finest picked up about 20 years ago disguised as rabid fox.

Oh yeah folks, back in the 1900s he won the Elks best Halloween costume contest at the Montego Bay shopping center year after year. My generation encountered many a wolf in our little seaside city back in the olden days.

Springfest this weekend popped up with little or no warning. Oh how I miss performing in the  shows with the Ocean City Rockettes. Our choreographer, director and dance teacher, the one and only ever so talented, Rita Villani, was a former member of  “oh so famous” Broadway Rockettes. Our group spent many an hour  practicing and enjoying fun times at the MAC Center. Keep in mind folks, if you don’t use the government provided places to hang out we will lose them. Beats hanging around on the street corners, big time.

Many happy returns go out to late  April birthday kids, Joe O’Neill, Mary Watson, George Saur, Kath Ebel, Steve Hales, Jim Mooney, Terri Austin, Joan DeMarco and Millie O’Brien and the May birthday kids, Ron Peters, Helen Subkowiak, Pete O’Connor, Jim Geslois, Dean Vilsack, Nancy Micalizzi and Jack McSwain.  Consider yourself lucky, not older, if I repeat myself these days. It’s getting to be a habit.

A  funny thing happened to me last week. I was in denial when the gal next to me at High Stakes told me just as I was leaving that I had my shirt on inside out I, specifically pointed out the white flowers on the material. Two hours later, at home, I happened to notice that she was right. Mea culpa kid, but I have to tell you, when I asked a 4-year-old recently why he had his shirt on inside out he told me “cuz’ the other kids think it’s really cool.”  Outta’ the mouth of babes comes a lotta’ wise decisions. Do I wanna’ be cool or sloppy? What do you think?

Congratulations to OC Today on their 21st anniversary this month. I’ve been with them from Day 1.

Needless to say, I love that so many of my readers “get it” when I write about 5-foot-tall rabbits running around. I was told last week that even tho’ Monkey Wards have left this area they still carry parts for my cardboard stove at This might seem a little bit sanctimonious but last Sunday at canonization ceremony at St. Lukes for Pope John II and Pope John II they  mentioned that the mass was being said also for parishioner Skip Kemp. How cool is that? I’m positive my luv is the very first Saint Skip.

Surely that is why people would tell him he had to be a saint to stay married to me all those years.


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