July 4 fireworks display at park best ever, Kemp says

Irish Kemp

(July 12, 2013)  If you work on a computer, never put off until tomorrow what you could have done yesterday. My personal computer has a ferocious appetite. It not only gulps up whole columns but bits and pieces of the memories of the written matter in this old broad’s mind.

This week’s column is somewhere deep in the bowels of my PC, so bear with me as I try to recollect my thoughts on deadline day. Could it be cuz ‘ the Fourth of July, fell on a Thursday? What a brain rattler. No matter the age, everybody seems to be wading through an optical, confusion, delusional, mind-botching hang-up. Don’t ask me what day of the week it is. I don’t know nuthin’.

Mind blowing? If you missed the fireworks display at Northside Park, I feel your pain. It was without a doubt the “bestest ever” for the folks on bayside. My luv, Skip, I, and neighbors watched this dazzling display from our upper decks. I’m sure two of my favorite people, Recreation and Parks’ Tom Shuster and Susan Petito had something to do with the selection of that awesome, fantastic display of fireworks. Hope you kept the boxes or the bill, guys, just in case you forget.

Reverend Smith had it right: “We love it when they come and we love it when they leave.” He applauded our visitors for their generosity and reminded them that they have nothing to lose if they participate in St. Andrews/St. Luke’s one-ticket-covers-all, super summer cash raffle. Win or lose. Our visitors shouldn’t pass on a hundred percent profit return on an investment. Even the price of a ticket might get them to a place that is not as hot as hell.

No matter the age, kids say the funniest things. One of my eight wondered if I knew that I still have a Christmas wreath hanging off my railing. Duh! Of course, I did.

I was so proud of the fact that even after all these years, they still don’t know how this mind works. So what, if I forgot to decorate my all-seasons, decorative wreath on Valentine or St. Patrick’s Day. On April Fool’s day, it was perfect.

Many happy returns to Sid Tyndall, Joan Sauer, Ken McFarlin, Rose Leister, Gene Dore, Maureen O’Brien, Jerry Klemkowski, Loretta Singman and Bill Hensler.

Congratulations to anniversary celebrators Charlie and Maureen O’Brien, Duke and Mary Pantos, Ed and Georgia Winiecki, Walt and Jean Langan, Carroll and Toni Wagner and Al and Bev Krannebitter.

All of these folks have waded thru 50 or more years of martial, oops, I meant marital, bliss and blisters and are looking great. Trust me, folks, it has to be something in the air in this land of pleasant living. The Kemps are over the hill: we celebrated our 67th anniversary this year.

If you’re out looking for fresh crabs, hmm, best I rephrase that, check out the Knight’s of Columbus Tuesday night, crab feasts. For more info, call 410-524-7994.

Bingo ain’t my game except on special occasions. Trust me, folks, it’s everywhere. It’s at the Elks, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, etc.

Try your luck at eating lunch or homemade dinners at the Elks Lodge almost any day of the week. Call 410-250-4674 for more info. Been there, done that and they are great!



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