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Inlet seawall repair under way

(Oct. 17, 2014) Postponed work has started again to repair a seawall at the inlet that has been cracking, peeling and needing repairs for years. Coastal Gunite Construction started the project last May, but it was delayed.

“To avoid the crowds, the project was pushed back until the fall. We should be done sooner without the distractions,” said John Becker of Coastal Gunite.

It should take about three weeks to complete, depending on the weather. Crews will be working Monday through Thursday and some Fridays if they need to catch up.

The new structure will be built on top of the old and platforms will provide space to attach a plastic and fiberglass framework to the existing wall. Concrete will be sprayed onto the framework using the “shotcrete” method, which quickens the process and has little impact on the environment.

“The way we build things now, there’s no reason to expect that what we’re putting in won’t last for a very, very long time,” said Becker.


Construction workers carry huge slabs of the new wall, which will reinforce and be added to the old structure.


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