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Humpback Whale Sightings Continue in Ocean City

This summer Ocean City, Maryland has seen an unusual number of whale sightings along its shorelines. Most recently, patrons of Paradise Watersports were treated to an up close encounter with humpback whales playfully breaching within 50 feet of the boat during a parasailing outing in the ocean between 15th St and 30th St. Captain Tyler Barnes of Paradise Watersports says it’s common to see whales from a distance throughout this summer, but seeing one within a mile of the shoreline is a rare and “an extremely unique event.”

Normally, seeing a humpback whale of this size so close to shore means the mammal is in distress, but photos taken by Paradise Watersports employees indicate that these particular humpbacks were leisurely swimming around and completely unharmed. This is not the first whale sighting close to the beach this summer and, if recent trends continue, it won’t be the last. The National Aquarium’s Marine Animal Rescue Program reports that an unusual number of whales are feeding closer to land this season because of the presence of large numbers of menhaden fish schooling in the area.

As of this writing, whale watching tours are common at northern beaches, but not here in Maryland.  If sightings like this one continue to occur, whale tours in Ocean City may be available sooner rather than later, but, in the meantime, if you’d like to try catch a glimpse of these beautiful mammals yourself, along with other sea creatures like dolphins and sea turtles that are commonly seen in the ocean, parasailing with Paradise Watersports is your best bet. Paradise is located at the docks of Hooper’s Crab House. Call 410-213-SOAR or book reservations online at www.Paradise-Watersports.com.

More photos of Paradise Watersports’ humpback whale spotting can be seen below:

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  1. Last Sunday (6/21/15) appox. 9:30AM with high tide scheduled 11:50 my wife an I saw a Humpback Whale make three passes up and down the beach at 66 St. with the last southbound pass (approx. 25yds.from shore) breaching out of the water enough that the forward white patch on the side was visible. The whale then and headed out north bound and could be seen spouting water to the distance.

  2. We saw a humpback surface with his large head out of the water. then he gave quite a show flapping his tail over and over. The whole beach was cheering. 7/24 12:00 As good as the humpbacks we saw at Cabo San Lucas in January!


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