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Hubba’s in Ocean City, Maryland, is more than a restaurant; it’s a family-operated, locally-owned business. I even shy away from calling Hubba’s a “business;” because the atmosphere is so family-oriented and the prices are so reasonable. Even still, Hubba’s does offer everything you would expect in a great restaurant: plenty of choices, friendly service, and is easily accessible. Hubba’s offers over 10 side choices, wings, hot dogs, salads, soups, paninis, crab cakes, cold sandwiches, platters, appetizers, and, well, you get the point. You can order online, in store, or over the phone with with Hubba’s. Plus, the restaurant is right off Coastal Highway–talk about easy access!

Before we get too far into discussing their various and delicious food items, let’s hear what owner, Al Schroeder has to say about Hubba’s. “I wanted Hubba’s to be a family-oriented place where people can relax and feel like they’re eating in their own dining room, in terms of the food,” Schroeder says. The owner explained he wanted to find an avenue to serve the people of Ocean City that wasn’t too pricey. Schroeder stuck to his goal, too. “The diversity of people is what I like about Ocean City,” he says. Even though Schroeder and his family serve to many types of people, he stresses the importance of a family-owned place. “A family-owned place gives you more care than you would have at a chain restaurant, you know?” Schroeder says. The restaurant name came from family, too. “Hubba” is the nickname of Schroeder’s grandson. How much more family-oriented can it get? Even talking with Schroeder reinforces his friendly, interested tone. Adding “you know?” to the end of every sentence is such a warm, informal gesture. “We try to make it [eating at Hubba’s] unique: you’re not just a ticket or a number,” the proud owner says. “We know most of our customers by name.”

The  food coupled with Hubba’s hospitality is what makes the place so desirable and welcoming. In fact, the food can speak for itself, but until you try it, this article will offer you a good handle on the food there. When I asked Schroeder what someone new to Hubba’s should try, he laughed and said, “Beef!” The beef sandwich is one of their most popular dishes, too. Hubba’s smokes the beef then finishes the cooking process slowly, in an oven. Served on bread that comes straight from a bakery, it’s no wonder Hubba’s beef sandwich is so loved. What’s even better about this sandwich? “We don’t charge for toppings like a lot of other places do,” Schroeder says.

Hubba’s is known by many as the perfect spot to grab lunch, and rightfully so. Schroeder and his family have quite a selection of sandwiches, soups, and subs for your dining pleasure. In subs, wraps, and sandwiches, Hubba’s has the following: beef, ham, turkey, pork bbq, tuna salad, chicken salad, shrimp salad, crab cake, pastrami on rye, reuben, grilled chicken breast, grilled cheese, and grilled cheese with tomato. Still not convinced? Try the “Local’s Favorite,” an italian cold cut with proscuitto, capicola ham, salami, provolone, parmesan, tomato, hots, sweet peppers, onion, and dressing. Or, if you like tradition, stick to the burger from Hubba’s. Whatever you choose, rest-assured that nearly everything is made in house. “We make our own chicken salad,” Schroeder says, which is true of the other meat dishes, too.

Don’t be fooled by the many sandwich choices Hubba’s offers; the restaurant serves dinner too! Schroeder suggests Hubba’s ribs for dinner. This entree includes ½ rack of pork baby back ribs and two sides. There’s more for dinner at Hubba’s than this quintessential American BBQ rib dish; Hubba’s also has turkey, hot beef, sandwich, and crab cake platters. What’s the price, you may ask, for a platter at Hubba’s? The BBQ Rib Platter is only $14.95; the Hot Turkey & Hot Beef Platters are $10.95; the Sandwich Platter is $9.95; and the Crab Cake Platter is $14.95 for one crab cake and $24.95 for two crab cakes, respectively.

Think you won’t enjoy Hubba’s because you’re a vegetarian? Think again. Hubba’s offers Greek salad, house salad, and “Hubba’s Happy Salad,” a hearty dish packed full of romaine, tomato, cucumbers, onion, craisins, feta, and pistachios with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. There are a few other meatless options, too. Most notably, the veggie panini. Fullness and freedom from conventional vegetarian food combine in this sandwich. This panini has lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, feta, swiss, sweet peppers, onion, and honey mustard. Some appetizers, like mozzarella sticks and onion rings, are free from meat, too.

Though Hubba’s is equally delicious as it is friendly, they have plans for the future. Schroeder and his staff have been implementing dinner entrees into the menu, and hope to keeping adding more. “We’re not just a sandwich shop,” Schroeder says. “We want to make the community aware of that” he adds. Keeping the community in mind is part of Schroeder’s goals for the future, too. “I want to get a lot of local business and keep the prices reasonable,” he says. Hubba’s receives a decent amount of business from Delaware and areas out of Ocean City, but they’re working on increasing awareness amongst the locals. “We try to be involved in Ocean City events,” Schroeder says. His business even sponsored the Dew Tour and the OC Air Show a few years ago.

Schroeder has plans for the website, www.hubbasinoc.com, too. As he adds more dinner items to the menu, he wants to upload those items to the website. Even so, the existing menu offers all the prices on Hubba’s comfort food. Another reason to visit the site is for the “Guestbook” portion, which is thoughtful and informative. Happy diners leave descriptions of their satisfaction in the service and food. This feature makes trying the food even better, because diners know what real people said about the meal. Have you been to Hubba’s? Want to recommend something particularly delicious you ate there? Write it for the world to see on the guestbook!

Now that we’ve established Hubba’s as a fitting place to find scrumptious food at fair prices and a family staff, it’s time to try it out! Hubba’s is open seven days a week, year round. Additionally, it’s location right off Coastal Highway makes it a great respite for long road trips, or just if you’re looking for a satisfying dinner or lunch. Enjoy the food, talk to the staff, and take a load off. As Schroeder says, “Let our family feed your family!”

Visit the restaurant at 12207 Coastal Highway, 123rd Street Shopping Center in Ocean City, MD. Got questions? Call 410-250-3230 or visit www.hubbasinoc.com.

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