Henry lands first white marlin of ‘14 off OC coast

Henry lands first white marlin of ‘14 off OC coast

(June 13, 2014) The first white marlin of the season was reeled in June 11 on the No Worries by mate John Henry, of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Henry, 22, hooked and released the estimated 80-pound billfish between the Baltimore and Poorman’s Canyons around 10:20 a.m. After a nearly 20-minute fight, Henry said he’s “fired up” about the catch despite the cold fishing day and 70-degree waters.

Capt. Michael Corbosiero said the team did not anticipate catching any marlin because the season is still so early. However, he said it was a nice surprise for everyone including Henry, who has been his mate for about eight years.

The crew is based in Florida where Henry said they typically reel in the sailfish. Here, they participate in Ocean City’s various tournaments including the White Marlin Open and Tuna Tournament, which they plan to enter this summer. Henry said he is looking forward to this year’s tournaments after Wednesday’s successful catch.

Ocean City Marlin Club member John Ratliff owns the boat and the crew will receive a $5,000 prize from the Town of Ocean City as well as a $5,000 prize from the Ocean City Marlin Club.

Mate John Henry, left, pictured with Donnie Coulver, caught and released an approximately 80-pound white marlin aboard the No Worries on June 11. It is the first white marlin landed off the coast of Ocean City this season.

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