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  • Loud mouth TV Chef Gordon Ramsey; in the new “Men’s Journal” issue, has thrown down the gauntlet to TV Chef Bobby Flay.  In the interview Ramsey answers his detractors who say he should go on “Iron Chef” and compete against Chef Flay to prove whether he is a real chef with “**cking do me a favor…come on.  I’ve forgotten more than he’s known.”  Chef Flay answers on his twitter account saying “…disappointed but noted.  Lets settle this like men, in the kitchen.  Show up or shut up.”  In reply Chef Ramsey “… 1hr cook off you’ve got a 45 min. head start!!! Done” Can anyone say RATINGS BONANZA!!!  My money says Flay makes Ramsey his **tch and makes Gordon cry like a little baby.
  • McDonald’s Fish McBites failed to reach sales expectations.  McDonald’s was hoping the new item would spur sluggish sales numbers.  McDonald’s once held the top spot in the fast food market but now franchises like Chipotle are changing the way people view fast food.
  • Speaking of Chipotle the company is testing a new Vegan item in the San Francisco Bay area, the Sofritas Burrito.  It is Hodo Soy Tofu braised with roasted Pablano and Chipotle peppers and shredded.  It can be ordered as a burrito or a bowl and is expected to be a big hit in the growing Vegan community.  Watch for it in your local store possibly by next summer.
  • Finally Baconalia is back at Denny’s!!  Starting March 12th the whole menu, including the Bacon Sundae will make a long awaited return.  This time one of the new items is the BBQ Bacon Mac’n Cheese Bites and yes they will probably be as amazing as they sound.
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The Hardcore Foodie has been in and around the restaurant business for over 40 years. Starting out as a busboy during his teen years he attended Johnson and Wales and graduated with a degree in Hospitality/Hotel/Restaurant Management. Following graduation he worked for Sheraton, Hilton and Marriott properties on the east coast. Later in his career he managed well known, high end, freestanding Italian and French restaurants in Washington DC, Atlanta Ga., Scottsdale Az. and San Diego Ca. Upon returning to DC he worked for Marriott Food Services as GM of both the House of Representatives and Senate Capitol Building operations for 5 years. The Hardcore Foodie has lived in Ocean City, Md. for 12 years but still keeps active in the food industry through consulting, writing and constant research.

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