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  • Cochon 555 tour arrives in Washington DC on April 7.  Five top chefs from every city of the tour get a Heritage pig and compete for the title “Prince or Princess of Porc.  The winner will then compete at the Grand Cochon at Aspen’s Food and Wine Classic on June 16th.
  • Taste the Nation is the following day in Washington DC on April 8.  The Share Our Strength annual event is to raise money for the national No Kid Hungry Campaign.  Top Chefs and Bartenders will provide tastings and cocktails.
  • Pizza Hut introduces a new pie crust on April 4 called the “Crazy Cheesy Crust”.  It is made of 16 pull apart cheese stuffed rolls for the simple reason that “Consumers always want more cheese”.  The pockets will be stuffed with a blend of Asiago, Romano, Fontina, Provolone and Mozzarella.  Can we all say “Crazy Genius”
  • A new cookbook has just been published by pseudo-populist, self proclaimed life-style guru, self important and privileged actress Gwyneth Paltrow.  All I can say is that I weep for America and anyone who is so devoid of their own personality or mind that they need this delusional twit to tell them how to live their lives or how and what to eat.  The “cookbook”, titled “It’s All Good”, pushes what is known as an “elimination “ diet which basically condemns and prohibits the consumption of coffee, sugar, any dairy, shellfish, deep water fish, potatoes, wheat, bell peppers, eggplant, corn, meat, wheat, gluten, soy, alcohol and anything processed.  BEWARE THE CRAZIES!!!
Hardcore Foodie
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The Hardcore Foodie has been in and around the restaurant business for over 40 years. Starting out as a busboy during his teen years he attended Johnson and Wales and graduated with a degree in Hospitality/Hotel/Restaurant Management. Following graduation he worked for Sheraton, Hilton and Marriott properties on the east coast. Later in his career he managed well known, high end, freestanding Italian and French restaurants in Washington DC, Atlanta Ga., Scottsdale Az. and San Diego Ca. Upon returning to DC he worked for Marriott Food Services as GM of both the House of Representatives and Senate Capitol Building operations for 5 years. The Hardcore Foodie has lived in Ocean City, Md. for 12 years but still keeps active in the food industry through consulting, writing and constant research.

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