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So often I find myself reading the news and reading about negative incidents. I find it’s rare to actually read something positive, where you walk away from reading that article with a renewed faith in humanity or a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart at the least. Here is an article to warm your hearts.

I recently visited Ocean City with my family. It was the weekend of June 6-8. Being a Canadian citizen from Northern B.C., Ocean City is a huge shocker for us as you could only imagine coming from the great outdoors, deep forests and mountains with no freeways or the buzz of nightlife anywhere remotely in sight, to a completely foreign environment with the polar opposite atmosphere than what we are used.

Our children were in awe of all the lights and noise and arcades, the interesting people and crowds of teens walking about the boardwalks, and the candy shops everywhere. To be honest, it was a bit overwhelming for us and we felt slightly vulnerable with the rowdiness around us.

I noticed that amongst all of the crowds of energetic people, there was a considerable police presence. I observed them walking about the Boardwalk on duty and overseeing that everyone kept the peace and maintained a safe environment.

My children, whose stepfather is RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) in Canada, were immediately intrigued with the different-looking uniforms that the police were wearing in Ocean City. My children asked if they could go get a closer look at the uniforms.

This warmed my heart and I felt compelled to approach a handful of the on-duty police officers, so my children could admire the foreign uniforms and also to express our gratitude and tell them what an extraordinary job we felt they were doing monitoring the boardwalk and maintaining the peace.

Upon approaching the police, they were exceptionally friendly with us, they seemed almost surprised that we came up and wanted to talk to them and check out their cool uniforms. We had a wonderful interaction with them and they even went and got the children a couple of plastic pin-on style Ocean City Police badges.

My children were ecstatic and they proudly pinned the badges on their sweaters, admiring the shiny new gift they had been given. We gratefully thanked the officers for the polite conversation and thanked them for their service. They kindly shook our hands and we were on our way down the boardwalk. Our children asked if the police officers we just spoke with were heroes, we told the kids that yes indeed they were heroes, because they go to work and risk their lives everyday in order to keep people safe.

Needless to say, we were thoroughly impressed with the interaction we experienced with the Ocean City police members here and we left with smiles on our faces and a warm feeling in our hearts.

It’s so wonderful to see the policemen and policewomen in the community out and about engaging with the general public. Most importantly, our family felt safe there and we are thankful for that.

The next time you see a police officer out walking about, just remember they are there to keep the peace and to ensure your safety, maybe give them a friendly wave or a hand shake as a kind gesture for their service.

Thank you for the positive experience Ocean City police. Our kids are still talking about you and proudly showing off their pins to everyone.

Mr. and Mrs. Hansen and kiddos

Northern B.C. Canada


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