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Going Green in Ocean City 2011

Ocean City is known for its beautiful beaches and wetlands. Our local ecosystem is very delicate. Local officials, business owners, and citizens have decided that it is important, and necessary, to take precautionary steps to protect our environment. Here are a few ways Ocean City is going green in 2011…

We’ve all heard the complaints about Ocean City’s decision to stop recycling. It was rather shocking, actually. A beach town without a trash program? It’s okay. Ocean City has started a new waste disposal program. No need to worry about a giant land fill overflowing. The town has started a waste-to-energy system. Everyone’s solid trash is being shipped to Pennsylvania so it can be incinerated and used to create electricity in the process. Ocean City began shipping the trash to the power-creator in 2009 and stopped all formal curb-side pickup in May of 2010. Approximately 95% of all trash collected is being converted to energy using this program.

Since recycling trash is very important in Ocean City, more waste drop-off sites have been added throughout our coastal town. Bulk recyclables can be sorted from regular trash and deposited in these giant green recycling drop-offs. There is a huge drop-off in West Ocean City at Wal-Mart. Remember, for those who clean the grounds surrounding the drop-off, our eco systems, and local wildlife, that it is very important to make sure that your trash is actually going into these receptacles and not into the brush surrounding them. If you’re making an initiative to take your recyclables to these bins, please make the initiative to keep the green areas around them clean as well.

The Town of Ocean City has begun using hybrid vehicles. Building inspectors, the city manager, and other town-operators are driving hybrid cars. These fancy cars only use gasoline when driving over 30 miles per hour. We all know how traffic is in Ocean City. These cars are perfect for stop-and-go traffic.

Ever hear of a Segway? You know how sometimes you see a big truck with flashing yellow lights creeping slowly down the street as a man jumps in and out of the cab checking every water meter on a street? This is where the Segways come into play. A Segway is a 2-wheeled, battery operated vehicle like a stand-up scooter, almost. No need for Ocean City to waste gas money and pollute the air while checking meters throughout town. Segways release many less carbon emissions than cars and trucks. If you see a meter-reader on 2-wheels, be sure to say ‘Hello’.

Now that you know that Ocean City is doing its part to keep our town green, you should, too. Keep up with your eco-friendliness to keep Ocean City an environmental haven in 2011.

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