‘Goaaaaaal’ sure beats just ‘score’

‘Goaaaaaal’ sure beats just ‘score’



If there’s one Spanish word I know, not counting anatomical references and various profanities, it is the word, “Goaaaaaaaaaaal!”

Anyone unfamiliar with this word has not been watching the World Cup in Brazil these past few days and, more specifically, watching it the way I prefer: on Spanish language television.

The Spanish-speaking announcers just have a more passionate way of expressing themselves on everything, which is why the Telemundo channel, for instance, is not just “Telemundo,” but “Telemuuuuuundooooooooo!”

So when a soccer player boots or bumps the ball into the net, you don’t get the North American version of, “… and Dempsey takes a feed from Bradley, slips past Saka and … HE SCORES!

No, you get, “ … Dempsey (something, something,) Bradley (something, something) Saka (something, something) GOAAAAAAAAAAAL!

I don’t understand anything other than that, but you have to admit that it does sum up the situation nicely. Besides, it wouldn’t make any difference if I did understand the play-by-play, because all I know about soccer is that a bunch of guys who seem to spend the offseason cultivating body hair run up and down the field with a ball until one team become exhausted and allows the other to score.

I have always enjoyed the game though and I’ve been thinking recently that I would appreciate it even more if I knew the rules so I could lose my temper like all the other fans do (and employ my other Spanish language skills). In fact, after this World Cup is over, I plan to learn as much as I can about soccer. Or as we Spanish television viewers might say, that would be my Goaaaaaaaaaaal!


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