Get tough on car sideshow antics


Maybe it was more than the police department was prepared to deal with and maybe the goings on that occurred during last weekend’s car frenzy just seemed to be everywhere but in actuality were isolated incidents.

Whatever the circumstance, the big diesel trucks and late-model, high-performance cars in Ocean City did appear to be out of control at certain locations.

The burnout marks on a multitude of streets, however, suggest that there were quite a few “certain locations,” including Philadelphia Avenue and Herring Way, where the drivers of these trucks and newer cars did their best to leave as much of their tires on the road as possible. Repeatedly.

To be clear, these were not Cruisin’ Ocean City participants, who were jeered for not stomping on the gas or who found themselves looking for alternate routes out of that gauntlet.

Instead, many of them were connected to other locally promoted events that were publicized via social media, but off the radar of local officials.

In addition, a great number of these people apparently had the impression that the resort was more or less an open city during this time period and that the usual restrictions on vehicular behavior did not apply.

That’s exactly what Ocean City doesn’t need to develop– a reputation as a place where anything goes on specified weekends.

No one wants to lose all flexibility in the application of the laws and we certainly don’t want to have visitors hassled for perceived or minor infractions, but neither does anyone want one group of people creating intolerable conditions for other visitors.

This time next year, resort officials should be prepared for these sideshows and let the cowboys and showoffs know that they must either behave or leave.


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