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Galaxy Collective: A New Sound in OC

There’s a new rock/blues/funk/jam/rockabilly band in Ocean City. Wait… Are they any bands that describe themselves like that in OC? Galaxy Collective describes themselves as “funkabilly bluerock that will have you shakin’ it down and kickin’ it fresh.” You ready to move, yet?

Local singer/songwriter, Phil Knight used to play solo gigs. A few months ago, he teamed up with Otto Grundman (guitar), Sage Kane (drums), and Matt Smith (bass). These guys are ready to bring some new stuff to the table.

“I always played music around town, Smitty worked at The Shark on the Harbor where I played on Thursdays. I found out Smitty played bass and we jammed. Then Smitty knew Otto from a previous band and I knew Sage from back in the day. We got together and that’s how Galaxy Collective was born,” said Knight.

The band plans to practice together in order to evolve their sound for upcoming shows. They debuted collectively at The Shark on the Harbor on April 15th in front of a large crowd, a packed house on the harbor. If you’re looking for fresh originality, you’ve got to see the Galaxy Collective perform.  The band plans to play more shows in the area at places like The Shark on the Harbor, The Palette in Snow Hill, Mickey Fins, the Berlin Coffee House, and other venues.

“It’s good to know there is still hope for music around here,” said fan Pete Mueller after seeing the Galaxy Collective’s phenomenal performance at the Shark.

Visit the Galaxy Collective website for upcoming show dates, news, merchandise, and videos. Get ready to get your groove on with these guys. We hope to hear more from this new Ocean City band soon!

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