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Frontier Town integrated into county

(Nov. 21, 2014) Waste management at Frontier Town had, until recently, an Old West lawless feel to it with part of the service being supplied by the county through the Assateague Point system and the rest provided by septic systems.

On Tuesday, however, the county commissioners approved a plan to integrate the attraction into the Mystic Harbour Sanitary Service area with an S-1 designation, the costs of which will likely only be for infrastructure physically connecting it to the wastewater treatment plant.

A force main will be constructed to pump wastewater northward along Route 611 and connect to an existing force main servicing Castaways Campground.

The portion of the park already serviced by Assateague Point will remain in that service, whiles the rest of the park and campground will be integrated into Mystic Harbour.

The park will be granted an additional 160 equivalent dwelling units through the integration to service the campground and any additional load brought on by increased use.

“This is one of the better things we’ve done all year,” Commission President J. Bud Church said.

An EDU is a measure equivalent to the volume of wastewater generated by an average residential dwelling in a day. The Maryland Department of Environment allows local governments to set that average, but enforces a 250 gallon per day limit. EDUs are employed to measure the reaming capacity of a particular wastewater treatment facility.

The Mystic Harbour plant is still running at 250,000 gpd but has a maximum operating capacity of 450,000 gpd. In order to increase the capacity, there needed to be a plan in place for the treated waste.

In compliance with the county’s comprehensive plan, which states that land application is the preferred method of disposal of treated wastewater, and after a memorandum of understanding between the county and town of Ocean City, Eagle’s Landing golf course was identified as the best spot for disposal.

During the off-season when the golf course irrigation system is inactive, the county will be able to redirect material to the West Ocean City sewer system. The golf course, humane society, the OC Airport and a maintenance building will all be connected to the Mystic Harbour facility to eliminate septic systems.

Once fully operational, these policies will remove the need for the current solution: groundwater injection wells. The wells are only approved for use up to 250,000 gpd and aren’t as reliable as the new plans.

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