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    Quality Inn Beachfront

    My Husband, Daughter (3 years old) and possibly my Mom will be staying at the Quality Inn Beachfront on 33rd street in mid-June for 3 nights. We have booked a 1 bedroom suite, can anyone tell me about the size of the suites, is there privacy between the bedroom and living room area? Will the suite comfortably accomodate 3 adults? Also, in case of rain, how was the indoor pool? Also the restaurant in the hotel? One last question, was it a fairly easy walk to the boardwalk or do you need to drive? Thanks in advance for any and all information.

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    Hi there, I am also booked at this hotel in June. I was just down in Ocean City in March, I was staying with a friend but wanted to visit the hotel because I am extremely picky. It looks like a very nice hotel. They have a VERY nice indoor pool and an outdoor pool, very nice beachfront. I was not able to see any of the rooms but the lobby looked very nice and clean, hopefully the rooms will be also.

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    I think you'll like the Quality Inn Beachfront. It's become our favorite spot. If you look through this forum you'll see some more specifics from me over time about this hotel.

    Not sure if when you say "1 bedroom suite" if you mean their standard oceanfront rooms (often referred to as suites) which are nice sized abliet one large room (usually with a divider) certainly fine for 3 adults. However, the QI also has several larger suites which I'll have to guess are very nice -- never stayed in any of them alas. There's a very, very nice suite clearly visible from down Baltimore Ave that I understand is home to the owner and/or his son (can't recall which) whenever he is in town.

    I think there are 3-4 suites that actually rent out in the hotel. I'm willing to bet they accomodate 3 adults quite nicely. ;-)

    Good hotel and, believe it or not, I love the hotdogs for lunch from Doc's shop in the lobby. Very convenient and you can get right back on the beach. The beach is a nice stretch at 32nd street too. It does seem to get washed out during the winters but it gets replenished and there's a nice shelf that allows you to wander out at just the right times. As always pay attention to the beach patrol, the shelf and other things can create rip tides which the surf rescue technicians will point out from time to time.


    We'll be back in mid July so you guys leave the place clean for us! ;-)

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