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    classice car weekend

    ewwwwww weather is not looking great for classic car show... we find the spring one normally is not great weather.. Fall one is nicer. normally...

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    Sounded like there was some significant construction on coastal over the weekend creating major backups.

    I wonder (out loud) if this was a) poor timing or b) OC's new way of preventing issues with vehicular events?

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    This is the first year we're skipping it because of all the H20i nonsense (them threatening to come down and ruin it), the construction on Coastal, and the Special Event Zone regulations. Driving anywhere is going to be an absolute nightmare. But I am impressed with the city for all they've done to work with the event organizers by lobbying for the Special Event Zone regulations (30 mph on Coastal, 25 mph on Philadelphia and increased fines), and with the organizers for adding an outlet at Delaware Raceway for those who want to run a drag race, or do time trials, etc.
    I'm looking forward to reading responses and seeing how much good and bad goes on this weekend. Hopefully, we'll be back next year.
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    Dave.....the construction is part of the new lighting and fencing on the median project from Rt 90 to Convention Center. It has been planned now for a couple years and is SUPPOSED to be done by Memorial Day weekend.....but I do see your point. It will be interesting to see what this does to the 'cruisers". I think the combination of this construction, bad press and bad weather forecast may reduce this event for this year at least.

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