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Thread: H2Oi Event

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    I guarantee you that there are members on those pages who are OC police, OC council members, and OC residents who keep officials up to date. The town is WELL aware of what's going on and what is planned. I give them credit. The task force worked hard with the event organizers, residents, and businesses to try and come up with a plan that works for everyone. People can't expect it to be solved in one week though. It may take a couple of years until it gets all worked out. What's good is that the Cruisin' event in two weeks now has an outlet for those who want to race. They can head out to the dragstrip in Delaware and there are events planned there all weekend. That should (hopefully) help with traffic woes in OC. Guess we wait and see how it all turns out.
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    This year it will definitely be interesting to watch to see just what happens to these Cruisin' events. Obviously the biggest problem with the H2Oi thing is that it is not a sanctioned event so none of the event rules apply. It's like a bunch of terrorists come to town & do as they please. Hopefully some of them will follow the real H2Oi event to AC. And, the rest will suddenly mature & tire of terrorizing a town for a weekend. Who knows. Stranger things have happened, I guess.

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