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    Dining Report Fall 2015

    Ocean City Dining Report 2015

    Sorry for the long delay, itís not been the best year since we left Ocean City. As things have settled down, I thought I would just post a few reflections from our last visit.

    Brass Balls for breakfast: This year, we did not enjoy our one visit there. It is getting to be sort of the off-season when we visit, so we expect some things to be off. A bodacious biscuit was served with a very odd color of honey (thought this was the one food that couldnít go bad, it did), cold oatmeal, cold eggs on a breakfast sandwich with a cold slice of cheese that would only melt if we left it in the sun. The hostess had zero personality, and looked with disdain at an older couple who were being seated. My group is getting to be the age of the older couple, might be risky for us to go back! If this was my first visit here, would never return.

    Barn 34 for breakfast twice: We loved our first visit here this week. The Captain Crunch French Toast was fantastic! Perfect in every way. Our party also had Creamed Chipped Beef, Bacon and Cheddar Omelet, and a Skillet meal with eggs, bacon and avocado. Everything was perfect, and served hot. Our server was attentive and fun. Went back a couple days later, not so good. Captain Crunch French Toast not so good when it is almost burned. Waitress was not helpful or attentive. Funny, we saw the same server we had just a few days earlier and this time she was not happy or gracious either. Not sure what was going on that day, and not sure weíd return.

    DaVinciís several times for dinner: We have always loved this place, and our first visit was no different. The Egg Drop Soup with spinach and meatballs was delicious, it was different from Italian Wedding Soup. Chicken Francaise with Pappardelle pasta, Eggplant Parm with Penne Past, Chicken Parm with Pappardelle, and Chicken Medallions with Artichokes, Eggplant, capers and mushrooms were all divine.
    Returned to DaVinciís another evening with not so good results: salad was only lettuce and garbanzo beans. This salad has always been our favorite part of the meal. The Old World Pappardelle was way too spicy for our taste, but could be just our preference. However, finding plastic in your lasagna is never a good thing. Spouse almost had a cut in the mouth from it.

    Went to Bad Monkey, quite nice. Just had burgers and the happy hour specials for drinks. Server was friendly and very attentive. It was a fun evening.

    Returned to Big Peckers, hadnít been there for a few years. The meals were all good. Salads, burgers, nothing special. Seemed like the interior is getting a little run down from our past visits.

    Weather was not the best for our week, so we ate in our room quite a bit too. As I have said previously, my chipped ham sandwich on the balcony with an adult beverage is always just so good!

    Will be returning soon, maybe it wonít be a year until I post.

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    Thank you for the review. Great memory too, if you are recalling this from a year

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    I'm looking forward to checking out Barn 34 this year. Thanks for the review!

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