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    Hello, my family is coming to OC on July 1. We are staying on the boardwalk. My husband and boys want to go fishing, I found a charter "Torguna", does anyone know anything about it? We don't want drive around a lot so can anyone suggest any restaurants on the Boardwalk that are good, we are not much into seafood. Will we be able to see the light show?

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    The Tortuga is a headboat. My husband has gone out on it many times, it's a decent headboat. It stays in the bay, it does go out the inlet a little bit, but it says very close to shore. It is not an ocean fishing boat. If you want to go out into the ocean take the Judith M from the same marina. As for restaurants on the boardwalk, it all depends on what you want. If you're looking for very casual dining Dough Roller has 2 restaurants that have dining rooms & serve meals other than pizza. Brass Balls & Shenangians have good sandwiches & a few platters. And there are many more. One to stay away from is Paul Revere Smorgasbord!

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    Agreed about the Judith M. Great boat.
    Boardwalk restaurants: There are HUNDREDS
    My favs:
    Harrison's Harbor Watch at the inlet for dinner, seafood, prime rib, or raw bar
    Tony's Pizza for pizza
    Frog Bar for burgers and cold beer
    Shenanigan's for great fish and chips
    Captain's Table for more fine dining
    Adolfo's for Italian
    Fisher's for caramel corn
    Dolle's for taffy
    Agree to stay away from Paul Revere's despite the price. Same for Jonah and the Whale. Save your money
    You have to try a Wrapper and some Polish Water Ice while you're there.
    Ask an OC Insider

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    Tortuga is a fine head boat for fishing in the Coastal Bays. they will supply all the equipment bait, and instruction you might need. My experience is that most people don't catch a lot of "keepers" any of the bay fishing excursions, but they are a fun experience for the novelty of boating on the bay and fishing. If you are frequent fisherman/woman then you can use your own equipment and get bait (at 7-11 or at Skip's Tackle Shop on Talbot Street) and then fish from the Chicago Avenue Bulkhead at the West end of 3rd Street. No license is required to fish from this location.

    As far as non-seafood focused places near the boardwalk, try Bull on the Beach (BBQ), Guido's Burritos (Mexican, can be noisy), Hammerheads, Alaska Stand (takeout - 9th), and the Frog Bar (at the inlet - excellent burgers and views, and fine for families, great for lunch). The Dough Roller is a decent pizza/Italian/Breakfast place. The Fractured Prune is great for Hot Donuts (In the OCmmander at 15th Street and at Somerset Street) Off the boardwalk, but at the south end of town try Anthony's, De Lazy Lizard, or Fat Daddy's for subs

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