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    The Ocean 1 Hotel - Not a total let down

    This past weekend my wife and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary in Ocean City. I rented an ocean front room in the Ocean 1 hotel which also included the Jacuzzi. For the most part I was pleased with our accommodations. When we first entered our room, it reeked of stale cigarettes though. This is not supposed to happen in a smoke free hotel so needless to say I was not happy. I shared my concern with the front desk and told them we either want a non-stinking new room with the same amenities or someone needs to fix the problem. Housekeeping was there in under 5 minutes, changed all of the linens, they took care of the carpet and we were good to go. I understand that this canít be entirely on the hotel since obviously the guests in the past disregarded the rules but I do commend Hotel 1 for fixing the issue quickly. The room was very nice, clean and the view was spectacular. The Jacuzzi tub ended up being a weekend saver since I had torn my back up the day before.

    On a humorous note though, I donít know who did their plumbing but Iíve never stayed in a place where the hot and cold water moved around. At first we had hot where hot was supposed to be and cold where cold was supposed to be. Later that night all we had was hot and almost hot out of both spigots. By morning we had cold hot water but hot cold water. This continued for the duration of our stay but at least we had plenty of hot water for the weekend. Iím also pretty sure that whoever plumbed the hotel also installed their Wi-Fi since the guest Wi-Fi would only work in the lobby but we could get a signal on the front desk Wi-Fi up in our guest room. Basically we had no Wi-Fi the entire stay but to us that was a non-issue since we spent most of our time on the Boardwalk or Touring Berlin.

    In summary, I would probably choose this hotel again, the front desk staff was very pleasant and very eager to please. The parking provided great exercise since they only had about 6 spots on site and the rest were over by The Lazy Lizard. Just make sure you donít have to make a second trip to the car after you forget something.

    As someone who camps out when we're down on vacation, I must say it was nice to stay on the Boardwalk. We both enjoyed catching the sunrise over the ocean and even more just enjoying watching the Boardwalk traffic. Not a snowballs chance I'd do this during the season but off season was very nice.

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    Doesn't sound bad at all. We aren't fans of staying on the boardwalk but we have a few times. We will stay at the Days Inn on 5th for Cruise In weekend, and the hot breakfast is appreciated. Other times we've stayed at the Holiday Inn on 17th and there's not much bad you can say about this place. And once we stayed at the Inn on the Ocean on 10th. That's a once in a lifetime treat. If you ever want to spoil your wife, go there. Expensive, but it was so comfortable. Every room has a private bath (some have jaccuzzi tubs), and the owner is chef who makes a 3 course gourmet breakfast every morning. If it's warm enough she will serve it on the front porch. The food is outstanding, and that's the last you'll see of the owners. They also provide bikes and beach chairs for their guests. Very nice.
    This time we stayed at the Comfort Inn Gold Coast. We had reserved a standard two double bed room, but when we checked in, the man at the desk asked if he could upgrade us and we (of course) agreed. We were given a top floor corner suite with a living room, bedroom, kitchen, wet bar, and the bathroom was split with the sinks and shower in one room, the toilet and jaccuzzi tub in the other. Really nice hotel and exceptionally clean. Every time we opened our room door after the maid had been in, you could smell clean. We'd stay there again.
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    Hi flagger,

    My wife & I stayed there over Labor Day weekend. I agree the rooms are fine. Nothing fancy by any means but our room was very clean. I also agree the front desk staff was very friendly.

    I'm not sure if we would stay there again though. Nothing against the property itself but the location. We stay on the boardwalk but further up. This place is right in the thick of the traffic. It the beach is sooo deep down there. I wasn't sure if the ocean was real or just a mirage!

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