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    Quality Inn at 17th sreet

    Well it looks like this is going to be my last visit to Quality Inn at 17th. I don't know where to start. I've stayed here the last 3 years and other times in the past. I booked my room online per the description that clearly said kitchen and requested 2nd or 3rd floor, like I have ever other year. Last year I was on the 2nd floor, room 211 I think. Great room, except for the plastic toilet seat lol. So now I'm on the 6th floor, next to a wall that blocks my view (on an ocean front room, not obstructed view) and the kitchen is a tiny microwave and a little fridge. The sliding door barely works, the one cushion on the couch is ripped open and it's dirty overall. I spoke to the clerk and then the acting manager about it. I was told that the type of room I selected was this one on the 6th floor. Odd it is the same "type" of room I select every year where I was on lower floors and had a full view. I was offered a ground floor room. No thanks. The front desk was pleasant but didn't remedy the problem. This is isn't my first bad experience though. The shower last year could not regulate the water temperature, only flow. I lived with it but could have been dangerous for another person. I did have a good experience at Hojos down the way, will probably do that next year.

    Update 9/22
    The sliding door to the balcony stopped opening at all, no room darkening curtains (streetlight right outside ) sooo, I'm outta here. Got a great room on a moments notice at Hojo Plaza. Should have gone here first. Great people too.
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