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    Quality Inn Beachfront

    My family and I will be headed to OC in mid-July and are planning on staying at the Quality Inn Beachfront at 33rd st. Does anyone have any comments about this hotel? Plus, are there any grocery stores near this location?

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    I'm not sure of any grocery stores right there but in OC you're only a couple minute drive to one. is this your first time coming to OC as a family vacation?

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    Yes, this is the first time to Ocean City. We are heading there because my daughters are dancing at a national competition. I have done quite a bit of research on OC and it certainly seems to be quite an expensive place during the summer. I just want to get a better idea about the hotel we are staying at as well as the surrounding area.

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    We stayed at the Quality Inn Beachfront for the first time last summer and are returning this summer. Nice place, convenient location.

    I'm assuming the dance competition will be at the Convention Center. Not very far, but you will need to drive. The QI has a parking garage and convenient access to the hotel which should make it easy carting costumes and stuff in and out.

    There's not a grocery store nearby that I remember but you are right next door to Anthony's to get milk, cookies, beer, wine and some of the best sandwiches on OC. I recall a 7-11 type store within walking distance too. We usually run up to the 64th Street Market when we need any other groceries.

    Which competiton holds nationals in OC in mid July? My daughter dances a lot of comps but not one that's had OC Nationals. They certainly put you in OC at peak rates time. It's a fun place to be at that time of the year, provided you can get away from the comp long enough to enjoy where you are.

    Have fun!

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