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Thread: Boardwalk Elvis

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    Boardwalk Elvis

    I haven't seen Boardwalk Elvis for several years now. The last time I did see him, he didn't look well. Does anyone know what happened to him?

    There is a new crop of Boardwalk personalities: The Violin Man, the little Violin Girl and her guitar-playing Mom, the Digeridoo (sp?) playing guy, and of course, the gal that wears long skirts and preaches at you when you walk by. But Boardwalk Elvis was truly the "king."

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    I saw him i really did

    This past summer i saw him on the boardwalk he wasn't dressed up inhis body suit but it was him and he didnt' look well not that he ever really looked well but he even looked worse...

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    This is an old post want to revive.

    The last I had heard was that he had cancer. Which is probably why he didn't look too well.

    It was a trip seeing him either in his jumpsuit or regular suit with the hat, And a kazoo in his mouth (I'm sure substituted for his pipe) radio to his ear listening to elvis and be-bopin' to the music up and down the boards.


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