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    Fying to Ocean City - Usairways

    Just though I would share this:

    Most people drive to Ocean City, probably cause most do not know that you can fly into Philly or Baltimore and get another plane to Salisbury which is like 30 minutes from the Ocean City. From there, you can get a cheap Avis rental car for the week and have more time for fun. I fly every year from Pittsburgh and people look at me like I am crazy for not driving, but why drive all that way on vacation, that is work right?
    Whole round trip last year only cost 400.00 for two of us, so well worth the money.



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    US Air to OC

    I hope you are correct but it is my understanding that US Air is dramatically reducing their flights into Salisbury. Everything may now go thru Reagan not Baltimore. Hopefully someday the plans to increase the ability of OC Airport to handle commercial flights will come to fruition.

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    Reply to JackB

    Yes I did notice a slight reudction in the number of flights into Salisbury this year, but was able to get on one with a 4 month advance booking. In the furture, I believe USair to be going into
    regional jets that will be a direct flight to Ocean City from the surrounding major cities (pittsburgh, philly) etc.


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    I live in Daytona Beach, Fl

    I would like to fly to Salisbury since I'd be within cabbing distance to OC or just rent a car and drive into the city but the Daytona beach airport os extremely expensive. For a round trip ticket as of right now for the week of my birthday From DAB to SBY is 314 which according to the first post about a hundred cheaper than from philly. If I wanted to drive an hour to Orlando I could save 80 dollars.

    From orlando the trip is 240 round trip which is ok for 1 person as you'd spend almost that much in food and gas and if you stopped for a hotel and included eats in that. but for a family of 3 or more it just wouldn't be cost effective.

    240 x 4 = 960 so you've spent almost a thousand dollars and you haven't even included condo rental or hotel rental and entertainment expenses in.

    The best way to OC from your area in the north east would be to fly as you get there quick but the cheapest is still the old fashioned way.
    WALK lol no just kidding...Drive.

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