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    Cool Perfect weather beach vacation!

    Hello All, just joined the forums and wanted to introduce myself. My best friend and I came to Ocean City to get away from home life for a little while and just relax. I have been visiting OC since I was 3, now 47 have came as a family introducing my children in traditional summer fun at the beach, now all children have grown and living their own lives. Have to admit it was a little different for me not to have any children with me this visit, but was wonderful all the same. My best friend and I have both suffered from some health issues and decided to take a break away from drs and such and just enjoy some beach time. One of my favorite places is Assateaque Island and she had never been, we came from Sept 4th thru the 7th and the weather was absolutely perfect, she was able to see the wild ponies and the beautiful nature the seashore has to offer. We stayed on the Boardwalk at the Grand Hotel, it was wonderful, love all their amenities and their service is just wonderful. We had a craving for some hard crabs so we ate at On the Bay and they crabs were wonderful. Although some things have changed through the years, it's still a very nice place to get away and enjoy with family and friends. I will say I do miss Shanty Town Village which used to be a nice place to eat and shop and enjoy the water view, it is now full of condos.

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    Welcome to the forum! I miss Shanty Town too, but the little village at the beginning of the boardwalk is similar and fun to explore. I'm glad you had a good time and hope you'll come back for a week next time.
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    Nothing like a little beach time to ease the soul!

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    Welcome to the forum as well. Glad you had a great trip. I have been coming to OC myself since my early childhood and growing up we camped at Assateague State Park every year. I began the same traditition in 1999 with my family. My wife put her foot down the year before after dragging her and the children to Mid Ohio to flag an Indy Car Race. 5 days of drunks, jet blowers and rain, not to mention potty training my son at an over flowing porta pot. I am so glad she put her foot down, we can't tell you how many memories we've made in the 15 years we've been vacationing down there.

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