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    Another great week

    We finally managed to snag a condo in our favorite building in OC again this year and headed down the week before Labor Day. We rented from Saturday to Saturday but couldn't get down until Sunday because we were at a car show for three days first. But Sunday came and we checked into our unit around noon and while we've stayed in that building before, this had to be the nicest one yet. Gorgeous new laminate floors throughout, new furniture and a tv in every room, plus very nice patio furniture, new patio doors and new windows. Everything was clean, new appliances, and fully stocked. Great choice and I'm patting myself on the back for booking it when I saw it was available. Will be back next year for sure.

    Sunday night, hubby wanted the Bonfire, so off we went in time for the early bird discount. Food was the usual buffet stuff, way too much of everything, and mediocre at best. I really only enjoy the crab legs and they were okay....not the best, but I tried a couple of things, and of course had to have one of their warm doughnuts. Hubby enjoys the prime rib and seafood and left feeling full but definitely NOT worth the $80 tab! Monday and Tuesday I cooked in the condo, but Wednesday we decided to head to BJ's for dinner.
    We always enjoyed eating in their bayside room to watch the geese and ducks and the ambiance was fun. But it's been remodeled and the room is now missing the toys that hung from the ceiling and the steam bar is gone as well. Now it's all painted blue with a ceiling painted to look like the sky, new floors, tables, booths, and new windows. Now, we always liked sitting by the windows and this time was no different, BUT those new windows are HOT! They are so big and apparently NOT insulated or tinted, so the afternoon sun was baking both of us to the point we had to move. They really need an awning outside of their bayside windows or tint on them to help with that problem.
    Anyway, Hubby had a New York Strip, salad, baked potato with butter and sour cream, and I opted for the chicken and shrimp terriyaki . I had had it one other time and remembered that I enjoyed it, but didn't really remember what it was. When our food came, I was delightfully surprised. His steak was done to a perfect medium and was still sizzling on his plate. My terriyaki was not what I expected. If you go there thinking it will be like what you get in a Chinese restaurant or buffet, forget it!! The chicken was a split chicken breast and the shrimp was 5 or 6 jumbo shrimp on a skewer served on a bed of rice pilaf. Both meats were grilled and a sweet terriyaki sauce was coated over both and grilled till almost carmelized. And to top it off, there was a generous portion of "fruit salad" on the plate consisting of fresh chunks of mango, pineapple, and pears. It complimented everything to perfection and was absolutely delicious!! I will definitely order that again!! So good! Total bill was @ $68 including tip and ice teas.
    Thursday night is senior citizen day at Embers so for the price you can't beat it. Half price. I have to say that if you do enjoy the buffets that Ember's is a world better than the Bonfire. Everything was hotter and fresher and probably because they don't have every food in the world on their buffet. Crab legs were excellent, hot and they snapped and the meat came right out. And of course my hubby sampled everything else meat and seafood related and definitely ate his money's worth. Bill was less than $50.
    Friday night we were hungry for Italian so we took a ride to Fenwick to Mio Fratello's. The bar was PACKED, but the restaurant side was not as crowded so there was no wait. We both ordered their homemade linguine, hubby ordered the meatballs and meat sauce and I opted for the sweet Italian sausage and marinara sauce. The meals came with a half loaf of their amazing warm, crusty bread served with a pot of softened butter and another pot of roasted garlic and olive oil. It was so delicious that we ate the first half loaf and ordered another. The food came quickly and was hot and delicious. My only complaint is that they serve packaged parmesan cheese instead of fresh, but it didn't affect how much we enjoyed the meal. Again, the bill was less than $70 including tip and teas.

    And in between, we enjoyed pizza at Tony's, Fisher's caramelcorn twice, and Dolles peanut butter taffy. We never did see the pole dancer and we did look for her. The only buskers that were by the Ocean Gallery were Chewbacca and Obi Wan in really bad costumes. The spray painters were there, a magician or two, and the usual bad singers. There were still plenty of families walking and pushing strollers, couples holding hands, and grandparents carrying tired little ones. Not once did I feel in any kind of danger or uncomfortable in any way.

    My only real issue was that there were so many dogs on the boardwalk and beach despite the police presence. They basically just stood there and watched them walk their dogs and the kids ride their scooters and skateboard in between vacationers. That just plain annoyed me. I'm still of the opinion that Ocean City needs police who are dedicated solely to patrolling the boardwalk and enforcing the regulations in the summer, and let the regular police handle the crimes.
    And I have to say that the beach was dirty. In the morning (10 a.m.) we would take our chairs to the beach (midtown) and have to hunt for a spot that didn't have tons of cigarette butts and plastic junk lying on the sand. The cleaners would sweep the beach at night, but only two passes and never close to the water or where the water would come up at high tide. That wasn't pleasant.

    But Ocean City is still family friendly, we felt very safe, and we had a good time.
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    Glad to hear you had a great trip. I'll need to give Mio Fratelos's a try!

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    Thanks for sharing your trip review, these are my favorite things to read. It's sad to hear the beach was dirty. Sounds like you had a great vacation

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    Glad You had a good time over Labor day.

    Mio's has been one of my favorites for years, but the my last experience there (2 summers ago) left a bad taste in my mouth...... (pun intended)

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    week in oc

    great detailed hearing others opinions of places...

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    I was down 9/6 - 9/12 and noticed the same thing with the dogs and skateboarders. The dogs really don't bother me but you're right, no one is enforcing the law. I almost got hit by a person on a bicycle and a skateboarder (around 9pm), same issue there. I kind of chalked it up to it being somewhat overlooked since we were out of the peak season but I've heard and seen it happen in mid-summer too. I guess you can pretty much get away with anything on the boardwalk, as long as you aren't drawing too much attention.

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    Ate at Mio's last week and everything was excellent.. Plan to go again this week.

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