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Thread: How much...?

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    Cool How much...?

    I am planning on working the summer season at a bar or restaurant in OC. I've set up a few interviews over the next week or so, so I do not know yet exactly where I will be working. I was just wondering if some people who have previously worked the summers in OC could tell me an average of what I can expect to earn?? I know it will vary a lot depending on where I am, how often I work, etc. but I just want to get an idea for now.

    Thanks a bunch! Cheers!


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    It will depend on where you work and how their payment system is set up. Some wait staff split tips with bussers. Some employers will give you a low salary & tips, others a higher salary with tips split among bus & wait staff. I don't know how the better restaurants are working things now - this was how things were in the past.

    Expect lots of roomies - or to work several jobs

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