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    Yikes,, Senior Week

    I was down to OC in our condo this past weekend June 1-3 with my daughter and grandson.(age 19 months) Friday was great, but Saturday we were invaded by Seniors.! First, let me say. I have nothing against them. I was one once, and both my kids, at one time were seniors..(now 26 and 30) HOWEVER, even my daughter said that when she was down there,,she NEVER disrespected anyone. or used the obnoxious language that these kids were using, and the way some of the girls were dressed! Well. too say the least, if i had young kids, i wouldnt want them around that type of atmosphere. So i guess this is just a warning to anyone planning to go to OC this month, (yes, month, I understand it is senior month!) DONT....Or if you do go...stay clear of the boardwalk at night.!

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    Maybe your daughter was raised properly, and didn't disrespect anyone- but kids have always been kids, and I don't think it's changed much since the mid 80's as far as how the kids have acted (older people just tend to notice it more).

    I am much more offended by all of the t-shirt shops on the Boardwalk that cater to the Senior week kids by selling beer-bongs, and crude t-shirt slogans that are clearly marketed to the HS kids. I think this just helps promote the atmosphere that most people do not want to see.

    All in all- there is Nothing wrong with going down during this time of year- just stay away from the Boards after 6:00 PM- and try to find accomodations above 30th street, and you're usually fine.

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