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    Sahara Hotel or Howard Johnson 24th. St.

    About 6 years ago my husband and I stayed at the Beachmark owned by the same people and it was a nice place but in need for some updates. We are coming to town for Springfest and are thinking of staying at the Sahara. However most of the review on Trip Advisor are not very good. Has anyone here stayed at this hotel in the past few years

    Another hotel we are looking into is the Howard Johnson however we have never stayed here either. So any information on here would be helpful as well.

    Thanks for your help.


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    If you look at the item bar above this post you will see the word "search".
    Just type in "howard johnsons". You'll find lots of info, most of what I read was positive. You can also search the Sahara too. Good luck with your search.

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    Here are some headlines of some reviews from on the Sahara:

    Sahara Motel, Ocean City, Maryland Disgusting Excuse for a Motel
    June 11, 2007 SKI0811, Toronto, Ohio

    Sahara Motel, Ocean City, Maryland Never Again Will I Stay There...It Wasn't Worth It.
    May 29, 2007 scorpio366, Staten Island

    Sahara Motel, Ocean City, Maryland Run far away from this motel!!!!
    August 25, 2006 StormyStars13, Lancaster

    Sahara Motel, Ocean City, Maryland Nice location/ but bed bugs
    August 07, 2006 cecemonosta, emmaus pa

    Sahara Motel, Ocean City, Maryland Avoid Like the Plague
    August 27, 2006 JAZSTOWE, Wellsville, PA

    Sahara Motel, Ocean City, Maryland Not bad but bring your own towels...
    July 10, 2006 A TripAdvisor Member, Maine

    It rates a 2.5 out of 5 stars... It is #59 out of 80 on the popularity index...
    Of course, these are opinions, and everyone is different (although if I read these reviews I personally would be afraid to stay there)...

    My family stayed at the 24th St. Howard Johnson in 2004. The room was clean and updated. The pool was kind of yucky. Kids didn't want to use it. It was in a nice location - could hop on the tram right outside the hotel, but we were far enough from the hustle & bustle where it felt "relaxing"... Beach was very clean! The coffee shop downstairs serves the best breakfast but get there early cuz the line is out the door from about 9:30am on... We had a problem with the guests staying upstairs from us - ran up & down balcony all hours of the night - opening & slamming their door all night long... Must have been jumping on the beds cuz it felt like the ceiling was going to cave in... They were "rough" with their toilet and shower. Urine and water leaked through their bathroom into ours two nights... I finally had it and called managment. It was a young man who was "annoyed" at me for calling him.. He called the guests in the room above us and told them to come get a plunger and made them try and fix the toilet... Needless to say - we laid there that night and listened to their toilet drain into our bathroom - drip drip.. The next morning our housekeeper (who was excellent) scrubbed the bathroom from top to bottom and tried to bleach the brown stains off the ceiling.... If it weren't for the rude guests upstairs and the annoyed man I got on the phone when we were having a problem - I guess it would not have been that bad...
    How. John. gets 3 stars out of 5 on and rates #58 out of 80 on the popularity index (right down there with the Sahara)...

    I just realized you said you were looking at these locations for springfest (which is now over)... Did you stay there? How was it?

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    It seems to me that...

    ..if a particular hotel has many bad reviews why even consider it?? When I read these negative reviews about a certain hotel there's always someone who says, "This is the best hotel ever!" Did they not get the bed with the bugs, the stained bed sheets, the toilet that didn't work, the mysterious odor coming from behind the closet door, the rug that turns your feet black, the rude and obnoxious desk clerk, dirty towels, mold on the dirt, and last but not least, the door that wouldn't lock or close?

    I've been around long enough and stayed at many different kinds of motels/hotels to realize that when the majority of reviews are downright negative then I won't even consider that place.

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