Glad For Support


I was so please that Mr. Bender, Mr. Murray and Mr. Ross have followed my lead in expressing their disapproval of the 61st Street "health/condo" project. This is a project that is not needed and will only create site and use problems.

From looking at this project while entering Ocean City to the vastly under allotted parking area, this is truly bad for Ocean City.

Mr. Furst tells us that he has received 100 calls expressing approval. Where are they? No one has written to any of the papers in town telling us what a great project this is. Other than Mr. Furst and his lawyer, has anyone spoken in favor of this at the hearings?

Mr. Furst tells us that Ocean City needs this so bad, yet when there are questions raised by city officials, he is very quick to eliminate different things, such as the pharmacy and doctors offices.

The sad part is that this will pass in the end. The officials will approve it because most are businesspersons. They have no idea how this runaway building is hurting our resort.

And on top of this, an article in last week’s (ITALICS)Dispatch tells us of a glut of condo's on the market. Hey Mayor, City Council and Planning Commission – did you read the article? This glut will only increase as more and more buildings are completed and approved for new construction.

I urge everyone to contact the city officials and insist that they put a stop to this crazy construction fiasco. Remember what Mayor Mathias has said, although he continues to seemingly back these projects, "people do not come to resorts to look at condos".

Jim Jarzynski


Ocean City