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    Family's Accident Update


    (This letter is in response to the April 1 editorial in The Dispatch newspaper.)

    What a wonderful article. Thank you for not giving up on such a tragic accident; it’s great to know that he has not been forgotten. Ocean City is the one thing Ryan looked forward to every year. He loved the ocean, the Boardwalk, and the last thing Ryan said that night was: “Mom, that was the best fireworks show I ever saw. I can’t wait until next year.” He would see a sports car go by and he would say “cool car”. Some of the many things we will never forget about our precious baby boy.

    As the parents of Ryan Greene, who was tragically killed last Fourth of July weekend on Coastal Highway, how do we go on? How do Ryan’s brothers come to an understanding with this at the ages of nine and 11? We are very disappointed to hear that legislation will not pass either bill this session. It’s okay to bend over and remove your shoes while you are driving, drive up on a sidewalk, and hit a family of five, killing the youngest and walking away with a $1,000 fine. We do not feel any justice with the outcome of this.

    That was our family vacation that we plan every year. This year it will be different. There will be no family vacation – no vacation. These past nine months have been so tough for our family and Ryan’s friends, how could we possibly think of a vacation. Especially, when you have funeral expenses, hospital bills, memorial expenses and a lot of other expenses due to someone else’s carelessness. Insurance companies don’t cover everything; especially the lifelong future we will have without Ryan – no amount of money can touch that.

    To the legislators, I pray none of you ever experience what we have been through without Ryan. If he were your child, you would want the law changed. This woman bent over (removed her eyes from the road) to remove her shoes. This is “grossly negligent.” When you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, you are 100-percent responsible for your actions. Our family feels no justice.

    There were no skids marks because she didn’t touch her brakes. But, there was a lot of damage at the scene, which should have proved she was “grossly negligent”. It is against the Maryland law to drive without shoes, yes, even at the ocean. There is not good enough reason why this woman was not punished accordingly for her carelessness on the busiest night of the season. She took a precious boy’s life. A boy who had so much love and was full of smiles all of the time. If you knew him, you loved him. He would give that grin and win your heart in a second.

    We will not give up. We will fight for Ryan’s rights. He deserves it. We want to thank (ITALICS)The Dispatch for keeping up on the updates. You do wonderful articles and the Ocean City Police Department, especially Hugh Bean, for all he has done to help fight for Ryan’s rights. Thank you, Jim at the Bayside Skillet on 77th Street and Coastal Highway for allowing Ryan’s memorial to be on your property. This means so much to our family. And the kind people who prayed for us during our tragedy.

    Wendy, Jerry, Richard and Todd

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    This is the first I've heard of your tragedy and please accept my most sincere condolences. I cannot imagine the grief and pain you are all experiencing. My best friend lost both her oldest and youngest sons along a Maryland highway while they were changing a flat tire. I was touched by your statements of how much Ryan enjoyed the fireworks and when he saw a nice car , he enjoyed looking at them. I'm sure he even planned on owning one someday. I own a Corvette will be going to OC in October for the annual Corvette event. With your permission, I would like to just take a drive up and back on Coastal Highway in his memory. And if I can, I will ask other drivers to join me. It's the only way I can honor your son even though we never met. Maybe his spirit will ride with me. God bless and keep you and your family. I'm sure your son is your other children's angel now who will help them and be with them always.

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    What a sad, tragic story . {{hugs}} and prayers to you and your family.

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