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07-15-2004, 01:03 PM
I am heading to OC, Maryland at the end of July for vacation. We have booked reservations at the Plim Plaza Hotel for the week and was wondering if anyone has stayed there and if so if they could let us know how it was, good or bad. We have never been to Ocean City and am really looking forward to the trip. Thanks for any info!


07-18-2004, 06:00 PM
We just got back from Ocean City and we stayed at the Plim Plaza. We were there for 5 nights. First, let me tell you that Ocean City is the BEST beach! The boardwalk is awesome (we always stay on the boardwalk) and the beach is so clean and wide!! You will love it! As for Plim Plaza-this is the first time we stayed there-last year we stayed at the Comandeer on 14th St., but wanted to stay further down. I'm glad we did! We will definitely stay at the Plim Plaza again. We had an oceanfront room with a private porch-awesome! Now, the rooms are small-very small-but you are not in the room that much anyway. The porch definitely made up for the room-it was huge. If you don't have a room with a porch, don't worry, because the last night we were there (we added that night at the last minute), we had an oceanfront, but not with a porch-and the room was fine! They have a nice pool and bar/grill also. And, the location of the hotel was perfect! Our car did not move from it's parking space all week long-we walked everywhere! I think you will love it-have a great time!

07-19-2004, 08:18 PM
My Wife And I Stayed There Last Yr...in The Beginning Of September...we Enjoyed Our Stay....the Rooms Are Small...but You Dont Need A Huge Room When You Are In Oc....we Hardly Spent Anytime In The Room....too Many Wonderful Things To Do....hope You Enjoy Your Stay...unfortunatley We Wont Be Able To Make It There This Yr....hopefully Next Year...but We Would Definetly Stay At The Plim Plaza Again...hope This Helped

07-20-2004, 08:13 AM
Thanks for the great feedback about the Plim Plaza hotel. I'm so excited about this trip, we leave on Sunday morning! Thanks again for responding!