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07-20-2002, 05:05 AM
If anyone is looking for a great place to stay, I recommend the Dunes Manor Hotel on 28th Street and oceanfront. It is just 2 blocks up from the end of the boardwalk, so it's not too far from anything. I stayed there not too long ago, but they have renovated since, so I'm sure it's even better. I have been in the lobby and restaurant after the renovations, but they didn't change a whole lot. Basically, some new furniture and new wallpaper in the area around the grand staircase. But, I did see pictures of the new rooms and they look great. The rooms before were very nice and now they're even better.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere. There is often a bellman at the front door to open the door for you. Also, during check-in and check-out times, they have bellmen to help you get your luggage up to your room. The lobby is beautiful. When you walk in, there is huge two-sided grand staircase which goes up to the main lobby. There is a large, beautiful chandelier above the staircase. The main lobby has the registration desk, along with antique, victorian, plush furniture to sit on. There is also a grand piano where they have a piano player that plays sing-a-longs on selected evenings. There is a very nice indoor-outdoor pool with a great sundeck which I enjoyed. The Victorian Room restaurant is very nice and the food is good. There is a huge oceanfront veranda that stretches the entire length of the hotel with wicker rocking chairs.

I thought the rooms were excellent. Very, very, very clean!! We even had an employee who changed our air conditioner filter one day, so they are very concerned about their service. The room had a lot of very nice amenities, such as a hair dryer, iron, and ironing board, plus the usual. The only thing I don't recommend is staying on the 11th (the very top) floor if you like using your balcony. (I forgot to mention all rooms are oceanfront with an oceanfront private balcony). On the 11th floor there is not a roof over your balcony, so it is great in the sun, but if it rains, you're out of luck, basically everything gets soaked. So, if you like to use your balcony, even in the rain, as I do, I don't recommend the 11th floor.

Our service was great. The staff was friendly and attentive. I will certainly make many return trips to the Dunes Manor Hotel!!

07-22-2002, 06:58 PM

Originally posted by Adam in the "A Night To Remember - Lodging Reviews" forum, on 02 Feb 2002 22:14
Dunes Manor Review
Hey. A few years back I stayed at the Dunes Manor Hotel. It was actually a decent hotel. I went there on a family vacation, and I was surprised to say it was very nice. The rooms were very luxurious, as said in the ads. The Victorian Room Restaurant, I think that's what it's called, was very good to. The Early Bird was cheap too. I happen to remember that they also had a Tea and Crumpets thing. Though it was a very luxurious stay, I'd have to say the recreation was pretty limited at the actual hotel. It was located near the Jolly Roger Amusement Park, and only about 3 blocks to the boardwalk, but at the hotel, it was very weak. They had a indoor/outdoor pool, (one half was under cover, the other was in the sun), and I think a small game room, and a small gym. Of course there was the beach, and every room had a view of the ocean.
In all, the Dunes Manor was a nice hotel, and if you're looking for a nice place with a good view, good rooms, good food, and will go to somewhere else for recreation, the Dunes Manor Hotel is for you!

07-22-2002, 07:01 PM

I have never stayed at the Dunes Manor Hotel but we eat at their lounge and their restaurant alot. The food is great and the atmosphere is very relaxing. The food is not that expensive, but go to the early bird, I believe dinners are $12.99 then.
They have rocking chairs on their porch overlooking the ocean and a piano player that does sing-a-longs. They also have an afternoon tea every day at 3pm. They also seem to be family friendly. Oh, they also have a pool and a gift shop.
The staff was always helpful.
I hope this helps!
Good Luck!

10-22-2002, 04:26 AM
Just returned from a birthday trip to OC. The Dunes Manor as stated by everyone else is an excellent hotel. Very clean, well maintained abd to my surprise an excellent location. The Victorian Room restaurant in the hotel had the most wonderful veal dishes. The piano bar/sing along was actually a great time. The hotel has rocking chairs on an outside deck. Everyone working there was ultra pleasant. We paid a total of $170.00 for 2 nights(Sat&Sun), which I think was more then reasonable for this very beautiful hotel. Another bonus.. Coins Pub and restaurant is directly across the street and they have probably the best crabcakes in Ocean City. Had a great time and great birthday.