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06-08-2015, 10:48 AM
ok.. every time I've asked this question on any social media.... people just send me links to articles with confusing and conflicting info from last month back to 2010.. LOL i really just hope someone answers me DIRECTLY.. lol

I just want to play my guitar and sing for a couple hours, and allow people to make monetary donations to my church in my guitar case...

Do i need a permit or not? If so, where and how do i get one?

PLEEEEASE someone help me!! LOL


06-08-2015, 11:30 AM
OC did away with permits.

06-08-2015, 01:10 PM
Why would you ask on a forum rather than call the city and ask directly? You need to call City Hall because there were new rules passed recently and buskers have to apply for spots for certain days and times now.
City Hall - Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. - Phone: 410-289-8221