View Full Version : Crim numbers up 1.8%...or DOWN 1.8% ?...

09-14-2013, 01:21 PM
In the O.C.T. story headed "Crime numbers continue decline, but weapons spike sustains", reading the text, it seems that in the line "Service calls for August were up 1.8 percent over August of 2012, with 12,383 calls versus 12,757 last year, according to OCPD numbers..." the writer must have the numbers wrong or transposed....I'd like to know what the correct numbers were, and the actual percentage increase or decrease taking those correct numbers into account.
Why do I think the numbers are wrong?...The number "12,383" (given for 2013) is LESS than the number "12,757" (given for 2012).

If the numbers have been given correctly, then the wrong conclusion has been drawn.

Is there already a corrected version of this story available to be read?

Will I see a reply?