View Full Version : Photo in June 14, 2013 OC Today

06-26-2013, 02:32 PM
I was sure I had posted this question a day or so ago but I can't find it on the forum so I'll try again.

On the front page of the 6/14/2013 OC Today there is a photo of the Lucas Oil Pitts bi-plane flying over the 9400 condo building. I run the 9400 condo website and would like to use the photo on the website for a few weeks. I noticed a small version of the photo on the website, but it's too small for my use - and I wouldn't use it without permission in any case.

I'd like to get a full size version of this photo that I can crop and post on the website. If you can supply the photo, I'd like your formal permission to display it on the 9400 website for some or all of the summer with the proper photo credit, of course.

Can you let me know one way or the other?

Thank you.