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06-20-2007, 11:54 AM
Finally went to some different places for a change over this past weekend. Got there mid-day Friday and the wife wanted to eat outside. We stopped in Charlie's Bayside for the first time ever. Nice outback deck seating. Meal was so-so. Wife's wings were good. I had a Cuban sandwich that was on great bread, but more deli ham on it than pork. I thought the pork was the main thing on a Cuban. Cold beer but a goofy waitress.

Went out to eat with the family Friday night at DaVinci's by the Sea. I'm never thrilled about going out for Italian food, but my meal was pretty damn good. Great bowl of salad for the whole table. I had shrimp over pasta with a garlic and oil sauce. Wife had a marinated steak that was nice and tender. We both liked it. I'm always leery of the boardwalk run 'em in and get 'em out joints, but I have to say I was pretty surprised.

I had an awesome walkaway sundae from the Ice Cream Castle after that meal before hitting the bed. $11.00 for two ice creams, ouch, but I can't do without.

Scrapple Egg & Cheese croissant Saturday morning from Boardwalk Joe's. It's scrapple, of course it was great.

Saturday we were on the boat and hit Fish Tales for lunch. Always good, and fast service. They're up there with Smitty McGee's as far as quick food service. We ordered nachos and they were out before I drank half a beer. I had a great grilled tuna sandwich and the wife had their cora cora tacos. You get chips with the sandwich that are a little skimpy, but otherwise Good good good food and service.

We hit the Rio Grande Pool Bar and Crabman's for beers early Saturday evening. The pool bar is a nice place on Saturday evenings for acoustic music usually 4 til 7.

Stopped in Whisker's Pub on 120th Saturday evening for snacks and drinks. I had a shrimp salad sandwich w/ fries and wife had chili and a caesar. Roll wasn't toasted is my only complaint. All else really good. Whisker's has kind of become my go-to watering hole the last few times down. Under new management and new people, bartenders, all very friendly and laid back.

We hit the Crabcake Factory for breakfast Sunday morning. Good as always. Big John's Skillet is money. New trainee at the bar for breakfast, but he was nice and it literally had to be his first day, maybe second.

Looked like a busy, busy weekend between senior week and the start of Fireman's week. That's why we stayed towards the north end at night.

06-20-2007, 12:54 PM
Thanks for sharing your report with us Terrapin05, sounds like overall you had mostly good experiences.

I'm with you on DaVinci's by the Sea. I've been eating there, for probably 14 years now, and I never could understand why the place never gets more positive reviews. I've never had a bad meal there....

06-20-2007, 01:56 PM
Yeah, I generally always have good experiences. I'm patient and don't mind waiting in a busy place that you can tell is busy. We waited a decent time for our breakfast, but the place was busy, and when the food came out it was hot and good. I doubt I'll go back to Charlie's Bayside, so at least we got the bad one out of the way early. I usually avoid the masses at places like Seacrets, Mackys, Hannas, Fagers, but I make exceptions for Smitty's and Fish Tales. I do like Seacrets food, but I go there in the winter.