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First Post, the one that hurts the most

As my first post, and our first introduction, I would like to start off saying that this summer in Ocean City is going to be obscenely fun, I’m talking almost as fun as a Jonas Brothers concert for a tween!  The projects I am running this summer are OCLowDown and BeachAndBeyond, highlighting budget travel and the young cultural scene, for Ocean City and the rest of Worcester County respectively.  As a born and raised Ocean City kid I’m bringing deals in my hometown to the masses, on shelter, food, and drink as well as promoting and covering events all summer.  You don’t have to think what i write is particularly insightful, but you’ll be forced to join in the raucous merriment if I see you around town.  

I’ve had a bit of a late start to my summer.  I just returned from California competing in the National Inter-Collegiate Surfing Championships.  Yes, thats right I am a surfer but don’t judge me too critically for that alone.  The event will be broadcast today, as a matter of fact, on Fox College Sports at 8pm eastern.  My university (UNC Wilmington) finished runner-up in a heartbreaking tie-break loss.  But enough about me, The first week of my return to Ocean City has been relatively tame, but with the impending July 4th weekend and finally improving weather, thats surely all to change. The only remarkable meal or drink all week for me was the MACKING ham, egg, and provolone on Kaiser role from Anthony’s on 17th street.  I call it the Tilly special and for just over five dollars you can fill you stomach with this savory concoction and feel as full as the puppy who got into the food bag and ate himself half-into a a comatose state.  

The first of many upcoming events I know of to push out there is College Night at the Pirate’s Den with Big Ave, Philly Phil Spinuza, and (the prodigal son of the establishment) Mikey slinging under two dollar Natural and their infamous Rum Runners.  Yours truly will be working the door making sure everyone’s on the legal level to revel! 




Dedicated to the King of Pop

People always told me be careful of what you do 

And don’t go around breaking young girls’ hearts”

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