Federal investigation involves three Russian nationals in OP

(Dec. 7, 2012) Three Ocean Pines men were arrested Tuesday and police seized several electronic items believed to be used in a large computer crime network.
Ocean Pines police assisted members of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the morning raid at 66 Ocean Parkway.
The execution of the search warrant was the result of a federal Kansas City investigation that involved the three men. Ocean Pines police determined their location and gave that information to federal authorities.
The men, all Russian nationals, were arrested on state criminal charges, but it is anticipated that federal charges will be placed later.
Zauer Anatolyevich Khezhev, 25, Reat Vorokov, 24, and Beslan Tlezhukov, 26, were each charged with possesson of a re-encoder/skimming device. Khezhev and Vorokov were also charged with possession and use of a false government identification document.


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