Farlow appointed MFCA attorney

Farlow appointed MFCA attorney


(June 13, 2014) The Maryland Fire Chiefs Association recently appointed Michael W. Farlow as its attorney.  The Maryland Fire Chiefs Association is composed of members from both volunteer and career fire departments.

The organization works to develop programs to support their active officer corps so that they may best serve the citizens of Maryland.

At present, there are more than 300 fire departments in Maryland.

Farlow, whose office is in Ocean Pines, is also the attorney for the Maryland State Firemen’s Association which advocates for Maryland’s 60,000 volunteer firefighters.

“Being able to represent both of these fine organizations is a tremendous honor,” Farlow said. “While they share many of the same goals, each group is able to do so in a different way.  The end result means a stronger volunteer fire service and increased fire fighter safety.”

Farlow is no stranger to fire departments. He and his brother are the fourth generation of volunteers from his family, and his father has been a volunteer firefighter for more than 50 years.

Farlow was honored with lifetime membership in the Pittsville Volunteer Fire Department when he moved to Snow Hill and joined the Snow Hill Volunteer Fire Department where he has been a member for the past five years.

Terry Thompson, the current president of the MFCA and a past president of the Maryland State Firemen’s Association, appointed Farlow at the beginning of his term.

“I have known Mike for nearly 20 years and have always found him to be a dedicated public servant with exemplary leadership skills,” Thompson said.

“His selfless acts of time and dedication along with his attention to detail and outstanding work ethics have made him an asset to the fire service, his community, and the state of Maryland,” he said.

Farlow is currently a candidate for Worcester County State’s Attorney.


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