Events should take a time-out



In light of the documented lawlessness associated with the recent “cruising” activities in Ocean City, it may well be time to call for a time out, for this and similar events scheduled for our town in the coming months.

While everyone seems to condemn the behavior we witnessed, we also hear the usual excuses by the promoters, the Mayor and city council members and even police officials. It’s not the registered participants we are told, but others who take advantage of the situation, who are responsible for the chaos that overwhelms our town, increasingly, during these events.

You have seen evidence of this behavior on our streets and other public and private property, read the press accounts, letters to the editor and press editorials, all calling for action by our town authorities.

It is time for the law abiding residents of this town to appear at the June 1, 2015 meeting of the Mayor and council to bear witness to the need for officials to take action to eliminate these affronts to our peace and quiet and restore order in our town. Your actual presence at the meeting is critical, since proxies don’t count and don’t vote.

Joe Moran

Ocean City

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