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Escape to Assateague for the Day!

If you are in Ocean City this week, you may notice a couple of changes as you drive down Coastal Highway. The speed limit, normally 40 mph through North Ocean City, has been reduced to 30 mph, and Downtown, the speed limit has also been reduced. This is due to the expected, unauthorized H2Oi Pop-Up Rally.  It is reasonable to expect heavier than usual traffic, noise and strict enforcement of vehicle laws during the week and weekend.

We arrived on Assateague at around one in the afternoon. We wanted plenty of daylight to experience the entire island throughout the day. After many days spent and memories made here I never get tired of coming with family. We love to bring the dogs with us and let them run the beach and play ball with kids. The quiet of Assateague, the dull roar of the waves, the salt air of the sea; whenever I am stressed I come here. I can’t think of any other place that’s better to clear my head and get away from it all. Yet home is just a few miles down the road.


We love to collect all the shells here on the island. I don’t know if the shore break is different than Ocean City, but they really seem to wash up here. Then again, not many people come here this time of year so there is no shortage of beautiful conch and whelk shells to choose from with an array of colors, shapes and sizes. After we come off the beach we drive over to the bay side. To watch the sunset over the bay here on Assateague is to lose track of the boundary between heaven and earth.The solitude, peace, quiet, the low whispering of the wind over the surf of the bay are close to perfect. We walk out to the docks and drop our lines with chicken at the end as bait for the crabs. It’s so much fun trying to get them up on to the dock without them letting go.


We never leave without visiting the nature trails. There are many to choose from. I love to go out on the old marsh trail and sit out on the wooden overlook to gaze out over the waters of the magnificent bay. You can let go out here; let go of thinking, the world recedes for a few moments and quiet is all around. There is no hurry here on the island. Today we aren’t rushing. The wind and waves, the gulls and the other shorebirds, the hissing wind of the sea as it meanders through the dune grass; these are all treasures to me. I have lived here my whole life and they are a part of me. This beautiful island, the waters the surround it; all very much a part of me. We walk all the trails slowly together, some of us in conversation, some apart, set adrift in a thoughtless embrace of the world, set free from the cares of life by the deep feeling that a peace the reigns here on this island. Before we leave we always we always cruise the main road looking at the deer and ponies that come right up to your car. Like everything else here, they too seem peaceful.


We always stop at the Greene Turtle to eat; it is just off the island, a few miles beyond the bridge that provides access to Assateague. After a long day of exploring the island a cold drink and a hearty meal are the perfect way to finish a lovely afternoon. Writing about Assateague has reminded me….I need to go. I think I’ll gather up the others a make a day out of it! Thanks for reading, stayed tuned, and I hope to see you at the beach!

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