Employees thanked by biz owners for work this summer

Employees thanked by biz owners for work this summer

(Sept. 5, 2014) For the 10th year, employees of the Maintenance Division of the Ocean City Department of Public Works were thanked for their summer work by many downtown business owners.

Members of the Boardwalk Committee of the Ocean City Development Corporation and several Boardwalk merchants recognized the employees who kept the resort’s Boardwalk, beach and comfort stations clean. The employees also ensure everything is working properly in the comfort stations.

“Thanks for removing tons of trash, keeping the comfort stations clean and keeping our world-class beach debris-free,” Boardwalk Committee Chairwoman Vicki Barrett told the many employees who gathered near the arch at North Division Street on Monday.

Barrett said she had seen online photos of other beaches, some of which had trash and some had fees to use.

“Ours is pristine and you keep it that way,” Barrett said.

Mayor Rick Meehan also thanked the employees.

“Today is Labor Day and we’re here to thank you for your service to the community,” Meehan said. “People wouldn’t be coming to Ocean City if it wasn’t for the job you do.”

Tom Dy, manager of the Maintenance Division, said he found it difficult to express his thanks for the work the employees do for Ocean City.

“I can’t thank them enough,” said Dy, who extended special thanks to the international students who worked for the Maintenance Division this summer. Sixty-nine seasonal employees worked with the 34 full-time employees. Part of the division’s work entailed emptying the 600 trash cans on the beach and 280 trash cans on the Boardwalk and keeping the beach, Boardwalk and downtown area clean.

The employees were presented gift bags provided by Boardwalk merchants, hoteliers and restaurateurs, many of whom are OCDC members. The gift bags included gift certificates to various eateries. In addition, special envelopes were compiled with various gifts from merchants that Dy will give to employees throughout the year for special recognition.

This year, more than 15 businesses donated to the Boardwalk Employee Appreciation ceremony. Following the ceremony, the employees were treated to pizza from the landmark Tony’s Pizza and subs from Pizza Boy.

“We have a very dedicated and hard working group of individuals who help keep Ocean City’s Boardwalk and beach in tip-top shape for our residents and visitors to enjoy,” said John VanFossen, deputy director of Public Works.  “It is quite an honor to have our local business community recognize their hard work and commitment to the Town, especially the downtown area.”

Some Maintenance Division employees were unable to attend the recognition celebration because they were continuing the work of keeping the beach, Boardwalk and comfort stations clean.

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