Early voting now running at Gull Creek, through Oct. 30

Early voting now running at Gull Creek, through Oct. 30


(Oct. 24, 2014) Early voting on the November General Election began Thursday morning in Worcester County.

Trip, the unofficial mascot of the Gull Creek Senior Center in Berlin, helps WCBE Information Systems Specialist Dale Godfrey set up for early voting in the Community Sunroom. (JOSH DAVIS / PHOTO)

The Gull Creek Senior Center will host early voting every day through Oct. 30 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the Community Sunroom.

The Worcester County Board of Elections conducts federal, state and county elections on even-numbered years. As an off year for presidential elections, this year’s ballot includes candidates for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives as well as Maryland governor and lieutenant governor, comptroller, attorney general, state senators and delegates, and county commissioners.

Turnout was historically low during the primary election in June, and officials with the Worcester County Board of Elections expect that trend to continue during early voting.

“The primary had a pretty low turnout, so unless people are excited about some of the races we’re expecting a low turnout — not like a presidential year,” said WCBE Information Systems Specialist Dale Godfrey. “Usually there’s a little rush of people when we first open, and then later on during lunchtime, dinnertime and when people are getting off work. Those are really the times when we see groups of people coming out.”

To avoid potential crowds, Godfrey advised voters to spread out throughout the day.

“Early evening, after dinner and midday are great,” he said. “Mid-morning and mid-afternoon you could probably walk right in and vote.”

Godfrey said early voting attracts seniors and “busy, working people.”

“Retirees often take advantage because they have time to vote whenever they want,” he said. “It’s ideal for them, but it’s really ideal for working people. We vote Sunday as well, and most people are off on Sunday except retail. Take advantage of it.”

Find the Gull Creek Senior Center off Decatur Street near Worcester Highway, on 1 Meadow Street in Berlin.

Polls open on the General Election Nov. 4 from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more information call 410-632-1194 or visit www.co.worcester.md.us/elections.

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  1. diane wilson

    Went to gull creek to early vote today. Was told it starts thursday??!! What’s the deal?????Diane Wilson

    • Tony Russo

      Sorry. I honestly don’t know. We aren’t the city administration but rather a destination website. This story is from 2014. You may want to check with the Town of Berlin.


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